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February 2012 Blog Posts (13)

What I've been Doing for T/MC and What I've Learned from T/MC



               Making an appropriate image to promote our company is my work during internship. Dan, who is my…


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What I've been learning for T/MC


 During my internship, I can learn the way of adjusting a new environment. For example, I try to be close with colleague in office and communicate with them to make a good result. Then, I can practice an organizational behavior based on understanding each other.…


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Final Project of 2012 IIT Interns



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short animated film

Today, I'm working to make a short animated film to promote T/MC.

I want to explain a strong bond and hearted mind in T/MC,

so I drew face of tutor and student to not seem beautifully.

Although it seems not professional, I draw each piece of film.

and want to represent them simple and childish.

The other film that I create is pictured with paper. I'm willing to show that the whole thing(heart) is made by each facet such as tutor and student. The film could…


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I'm thinking about visualization of T/MC


I'm thinking about the way of visualization of T/MC.

I've been working for T/MC over 4 weeks. For a while, I can convince what I'll do to represent an image.

Dan asked to finish our project in this week. I promise to complete in this week. Dan and we cooperate for the project, so we could upload a new page on next week.

And there are two options to make an image.

I think that the most critical value of T/MC is connection. Therefore, I want to show the…


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How to intend people to be helping Tutor/Mentor connection


I read article about the process that T/MC develp the youth in a long term and invest forn their future.

Dan explains that continuous caring is decisive to improve student's future. Although students have been mentor for a while, if they are not taken caring, they would be back to dangerous life again. So, stuents should get caring gradually for their improvement. By this process, they can set a goal, and finally achieve their dream in the future.




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Invest in the Future of Youth


Today, Dan gave a project to us, and told it specifically.

He want to make a new advertisement for support students.


We were talking about the promoting way of T/MC(Tutor/Mentor Connectiong) to the public. Our duty is make a new page for advertisement.

T/MC sells not real products but OPPURTUNITY and HOPE. Then, it's difficult to make an advertisement, because oppurtunity and hope are not real, so presenting them is not easy. When I see below website;…


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hi everyone



Dan this is jade

here are my thought

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Intoroduce tutor/mentor organization.


I found two non-profit organization.

The first name of org. is 'Cabrini connections, Tutor/Mentor Program'. And the second is 'Cabrini-Green Tutoring'.

Both organization have a same purpose to improve economically disadvantaged students. They make a tutoring program that operates from Mon. to Tue. after school. Additionally, they've held on diverse activity for students. Students can experience many category activity that motivates them to be grown up. It inspires… Continue

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i looked some website up today. " the ACE Mentor Program of america" The ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc. is working hard to make sure there are. ACE is an acronym for architecture, construction, and engineering.

The program's mission is to engage, excite and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in the integrated construction industry through mentoring; and to support their continued advancement in the industry through scholarships and grants.

especially, in…


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introduction ppt


hi this is a ppt that Jade and Dan created, introducing the Tutor/Mentor Connection and the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC. so…


Added by sungheejung on February 1, 2012 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment


im trying to make a flash movie. cuz i want to share information which i learned and studied with a lot of people. today i looked this website up to get some informations.



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