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Today, I'm working to make a short animated film to promote T/MC.

I want to explain a strong bond and hearted mind in T/MC,

so I drew face of tutor and student to not seem beautifully.

Although it seems not professional, I draw each piece of film.

and want to represent them simple and childish.

The other film that I create is pictured with paper. I'm willing to show that the whole thing(heart) is made by each facet such as tutor and student. The film could show that T/MC is consisted of every aspect. I listed that every aspect are tutor, mentor, student, knowledge, encoragement, technology, business, donation, faith and volunteers. 

We have a last step to making a film by flash programme. Jade and me, we are so expected to be seem final film. I also wondering what I will make. After I finish to make a file of drawing, Jade will handle a programme about film making. Surely, We can finish our film in this week. 





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