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Today, Dan gave a project to us, and told it specifically.

He want to make a new advertisement for support students.


We were talking about the promoting way of T/MC(Tutor/Mentor Connectiong) to the public. Our duty is make a new page for advertisement.

T/MC sells not real products but OPPURTUNITY and HOPE. Then, it's difficult to make an advertisement, because oppurtunity and hope are not real, so presenting them is not easy. When I see below website;http://tutormentorconference.org/HOPE_AND_OPPORTUNITY.htm, every people can invest in the Future of Youth. And people can see convincing explanations about the reason for donation. But the poster image looks unfashionable. When I see the image, I can't feel nothing about a connection between tutor and mentor. Dan said that the image is needed to change more creative. We also agree that. Hence, I will make an image to show the sincere of T/MC and have more interests about Heart feeling appropriate with T/MC.


 Additionally, Dan said to me that if I posted my opinion on the blog continuously, people would get interests little by little, later they should receive it as crucial issue. I also think that intending people to be concerned about  the organization in diverse way is vital since it shows many problems about normal students.

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on February 6, 2012 at 4:45pm
For those who have been visiting this forum recently, Song Mi and Sung Hee are college student from Korea who are serving six week internships with my organization in Chicago. I've asked them to browse through our web sites to learn who we are and what we do, then to write articles and create visualizations that communicate what they are learning to others who are in their own networks. We've had interns doing this for the past six years.

This is a difficult task since the interns have had no previous exposure to this type of organization or to the strategy I've developed over the past 18 years. However, I'm always amazed with how creative they are and what they produce in such a short time.

We'd like to involve other students, from different universities and even high schools. You don't need to be with us in Chicago. You can join this forum and I can coach you the same way I do the interns who are able to be at my office in Chicago.

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