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This photo is one of many taken on Thursday and Friday, at the Tutor/Mentor Conference held at Loyola University in Chicago.

One of the speakers was Charles Cameron, who I first met on Social Edge many years ago. Below you can upload the handout Charles prepared. I hope you'll all read it. It shows how we can connect through the Internet, build strong relationships, then connect face to face. This is all part of a journey that each of us takes separately, but which enables each of us to mobilize support for projects that we are leading, or involved with.

There are several others in this Ning community who also were speakers at the conference. I encourage you all to post comments on your profiles. I'll upload some of the other presentations in the coming week.

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My Dreams are my Reality

Today, I read Dan's blog post. So I can understand T/M connection & Cabrini Connections activities. I think these activities are very effective to other people. If we try to change everything at once, then it is so hard and it is easy to give up. but Cabrini Connection do these activities constantly. I believe that if every people understand these programs and they understand our object, It can be more effective programs:)
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Nice to meet you!!

Hello nice to meet everyone !!

my name is Jiwon and nickname is Chuck.

Please, Call me Chuck.. and i want making friends anyone,

so I always welcome to visit my page

and to recommend@@;;

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Hi I'm justin.

Hi everybody!

My name is Minsang Lee and english name is Justin.
I'm from South Korea. I'm in Konkuk Univ in Korea and my major is Computer Engineering.
I arrived in Chicago about 6 month ago. I was studying at IIT during spring semester.
This experience is very impressive to me because I made a lot of memories and experienced many things.
Now I'm ready to work as intern at Cabrini Connections. I believe this new experience will be beneficial to me too:)

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I encourage bloggers who are writing for the T/MC to read the 2009 president's essay and others that are posted on this Foundation page.

We need to encourage people to connect on-line and at face to face events such as the Tutor/Mentor Conference, to discuss the ideas raised in these reports and other research.

We need to focus attention on

a) strategies that make constantly-improving youth-serving programs available in every high poverty zip code

b) strategies that provide operating resources and leadership support, so people stay involved for decades, not one or two years

c) strategies that help kids move from first grade to first job, with the support of the community around them, which includes schools, businesses, non profits, faith groups, etc.

d) strategies that weave all of this information into life-long learning, starting when kids are young, so it becomes a habit to visit sites like this and learn what's making life so difficult for so many in the world

e) strategies that turn people into actors rather than spectators. At the end of each day, look in the mirror and say how did I use my gifts, my time and my talent to help one or more places where youth are being giving more help to reach their full potential. How do we ingrain this into the daily habit of millions of people?

If you write about these ideas, and other people read and write about them, we are like a pebble that is thrown into a lake which becomes a boulder thrown into the ocean. We create ripples and waves that represent a growing number of people reading and responding to what we write.

Do this to help shape the world you want to have in the future and to enlist others to help you.

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Update on volunteering

Yesterday I had some free time so I went into the center to make some more calls to Chicago tutor/mentor organizations. I invited them to the conference later this month and was pleased to see that a lot of them were already aware and considering attending already. It's been great to talk to like-minded people who are passionate about helping children, and the the feedback I've been getting from the organizations has been equally as wonderful. They are all very appreciative of the invitation and always receptive to the aim of the conference. I'm very excited to be attending it later this month.
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