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Brainstorming monthly communications that tie scripture and service

I'm trying to recruit faith leaders who tie scripture and service in 
messages they deliver at different times of the year to their 
congregations, who then pass this message on to their own friends, family and co-workers.

This pdf is a strategy that I developed almost 10 years ago when I was meeting every Saturday at Operation PUSH.  I wish the Rev. Jackson and other leaders would adopt it.  This is a link to some of the blog articles I've written about this.

I sent this idea to
Joe Whitchurch, who was a speaker on a panel with me last Thursday at a Youth Mentoring Summit in Indiana.  He send this message back:


"Fabulous idea. January could be "service related to" (here after abbreviated  SRT) racial reconciliation for MLK (Eph 2 and one new man from antagonistic two), the young and vulnerable related to Roe v Wade (allow the little children to come or not lead astray), or new beginnings and starts related to New Years and Peter told to feed my sheep/lambs.

February could be SRT love in action, themed around Valentines and 1Cor 13.
March could be SRT related to spiritual warfare (St.Pats) Eph 6 and the armor and defenseless

April on enjoying Spring and nature and Earth Day, Psalm 8.
May with Mother's day and mom's needing help. Memorial Day, of course is military service with is usually voluntary v. draft in VN era.

Not much coming up on June in my brain right now but independence day and July 4th could emphasize mentoring toward healthy self reliance and interdependence. I love this calendar themed integration. "

I wrote to Joe, and other faith leaders ...

In May people celebrate Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and it's close to the  end of the school year. Thus, a message of service would celebrate what work has been done by volunteers, donors, staff and students in tutor/mentor programs, but would also encourage them to learn from each other, so that the programs can be even better, and reach more kids, when school starts again in August.

If you can write, and record, a sermon-template with that message, you and I could both share it via our social media with the goal that many faith communities, not just Christian, would pick it up and include it in their own May/June messages.

I'd like to be building a web site just devoted to pointing to videos, blogs, web sites, etc. where faith leaders are building and distributing this message throughout the year. The aggregation of such message can attract more viewers, and can provide a growing library that will be used by more and more people in future years.
Joe wrote .... "You are a model of getting people doing what they LIKE doing and drawing volunteer mentoring into the picture. Our church is about 80% broken homes  and former jail, gang, tattoo/jail culture/ biker gang oriented and meets on
Sun evenings in a former strip club facility now called Sacred Grounds. My wife and I encourage mentoring relationships for pretty highly dysfunctional
adults in recovery and for them with their own children often with custody issues, just for a bit of context on how to utilize us perhaps. You are 

Joe added...."Have you read the new book '100 ways to motivate people' (maybe 101? LOL it isn't in front of me now).? It is big on self motivation and leadership by example, great quotable quotes."


Share your ideas here. Post links to sermons and web pages where your communications to your congregation is intended to be spread to the places where they work, so more people use the information on the T/MC web site to become involved in volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in all places where they are needed, and so they stay involved until kids grow up and are working, so they can turn around and help those behind them.

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