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After my work.

It's almost 6weeks, and I have been work here as an intern.


At first, I don't know well about this company, but now I know more than before.

This company tries to teach poor children. I think this is very important thing, because children are our future.


Moreover, we try to make social network between our members.

Social network have very powerful tools in these days, i think.


So, I start to make the graph that we can see the growth of our network easily.

Actually, this is my first time to doing this work. So, my work is not good, but I want to help.


Finally, I finish making the network since 2007 to June, 2012.

However, this is not the end, because our networks keep change.


In my work the network keep growing each year, and the members are bumping now we have more than 400people on our site.


However, the growth of our network is not enough. We want huger and strong network.

So, I want to next and many other people who help us keep trying to make that.


After, finish my work it is sad to me. However, I think I am not going back with empty hand. I met great people here and got really good experience. They always gave big smile to me, and that made me happy. I think so did other people.


Thanks to my boss, Daniel Bassill, and other people in my company. I can’t think my America life without my company.


Thank you and thanks again.

I always prey for my company and remember forever.

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My Internship during 6 weeks.


  From the first day, my main job was creating presentation. For creating presentations, I used That was my first time to use that tool. My very first presentation is introduction of myself. After that, I made a introduction of T/MC presentation. And then, I made 4 presentations about T/MC strategies. And I'm working on creating Social Network Map presentation. At the first, I didn't know well about T/MC, but I read many articles from the internet about T/MC and social network. That was hard to read and sum up information for my presentation. But I did it! And I feel like my reading skill is better than before.

  During internship, I learned about Chicago area poverty problems. There are children who cannot get an education because they do not have enough money and good environment. Before came in USA, I volunteered for teaching poverty kids in Korea. But I thought that problem is not serious in USA, but that was my miss understanding. 

  Also T/MC opened conference during my internship period. At that day, many people who interested in helping poverty children came to our conference. Before the conference, I thought only few people care about this problem, but there were many people came to our conference. At there, I met one woman who works at IIT. It was good experience, too.

  Most of all, I learned important thing from Dan. I felt he really care about poverty children, and I think he is really good person. I am not sure whether I helped him enough or not, but I learned big thing from him, and I will try to volunteer for poverty children in Korea again. I am sure about my internship experience was really precious time, and I am happy to finish my internship with this company.

  I also will help Dan after back to Korea. I really thanks to Dan for providing this good experience. It was my first internship, and I learned many things during this period. I hope more people join with us, and interest in helping kids in the future.


  Here is my presentations during my internship period. Please see this :)

  Introduction of myself :

  T/MC Introduction :

  1st Strategy :

  2nd Strategy :

  3rd Strategy :

  4th Strategy :

  SNA Strategies :

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