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               Making an appropriate image to promote our company is my work during internship. Dan, who is my supervisor, gives this work by explaining what they are working for. In early time, I took a time to get knowledge work of our company. I looked for their history, mission and strategy. By knowing to our company, I surprise how they have been worked for helping the disadvantaged student. They are offering a tutor and mentor program to give a many opportunity for the students to improve their academic skill. By this progress, the students are learning to going out to society with their education. Likewise, firstly I study for our company, which is Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC), and then I was getting narrow a concept to reflect T/MC. At that time, Dan and me, we were talking about T/MC and exchange opinions on the blog. He comments on my blog, and I can read many helpful articles from Dan. In this case, I can confirm enormous effect of social commerce. People from other country can participate our program if they are interested in. Also, many diverse people communicate on the website in real time. As they have different backgrounds, they make a more creative idea that has never been seen. Therefore, I can enjoy my work by experiencing the broad area in the internet, and I experience how to make a work by using social commerce and how to make a final project.12637697457?profile=original

              Secondly, I learn about facilitating an art work to promote T/MC. At first time, I cannot set only one way to make an image. In many possible ways, I was trying to find out the most proper way for promotion. So, I get two ways that are hand drawing and animation with color pens. As T/MC’s warm hearted image, I choose these materials. If I create the image by using only computer, it would be seem too dry and cold. For instance, fist work is a short animated film that tutors and student’s face are coming out in sequence. The second short animated film reflects that T/MC is consisted of different facets. I divided ten aspects; which parts are listed that tutor, mentor, student, knowledge, encouragement, 12637696688?profile=originaltechnology, business, donation, faith and volunteers. I prepare heart-shaped paper which whole means T/MC, and then I divided the heart to ten parts which are named on upper side. These parts are moving around and becoming one. This film shows that T/MC is getting together with other efforts. I wish to deliver the precious value of helping other people by making a film. Like this case, I learn diverse way to apply my art skills to promote my company.

             During internship, I can enhance my academic horizon, and it is a most valuable chance to broaden the view of the world. I can learn how to be intimate with different people and the way of getting to understand. Additionally, I get impressed to TM/C’s continuous effort to encourage students. It makes me to convince that every student should be educated and taken care, because the education can gradually improve the students, and even the society. Hence, I learn that every people try to give a care even once to the disadvantaged students. Moreover, I have acquired the art skills to promote T/MC, and it is a great chance to develop my own skills. The most worthwhile thing is that I can be some support the disadvantaged students.

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What I've been learning for T/MC


 During my internship, I can learn the way of adjusting a new environment. For example, I try to be close with colleague in office and communicate with them to make a good result. Then, I can practice an organizational behavior based on understanding each other.12637701878?profile=original

To the next, I can enhance my own skill such as graphic image. Because my ordinary major is fine-art, so I make a project with using my art works. I feel greatly worthwhile when I create a graphic image to promote our company. To explain my work, I was thinking of representing a most suitable image to our company. Since our company is just not non-profit organization, and they help the disadvantaged student. You can look at our organization at this web site : I intend to lovely and heart minded, because I want to promote T/MC to get more donation. They are working sincerely to encourage the students. Then, short animation comes to my mind. I simply drew each face with color pen and add the other face in sequence. I pictured each face and these growing the number of face progress.  After collecting these all picture and replay all, it seems that more and more people are appearing. It means that our company is not made by alone but consisted of other people, additionally with appreciated cooperation. Moreover, as hand drawing, it shows intimate relationship and symbolizes the warm heart spirit of our company. By these two reasons, I can acquire how to set the project with other people and make decision with them, and I can develop and use my art skill to required image.

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short animated film

Today, I'm working to make a short animated film to promote T/MC.

I want to explain a strong bond and hearted mind in T/MC,

so I drew face of tutor and student to not seem beautifully.

Although it seems not professional, I draw each piece of film.

and want to represent them simple and childish.

The other film that I create is pictured with paper. I'm willing to show that the whole thing(heart) is made by each facet such as tutor and student. The film could show that T/MC is consisted of every aspect. I listed that every aspect are tutor, mentor, student, knowledge, encoragement, technology, business, donation, faith and volunteers. 

We have a last step to making a film by flash programme. Jade and me, we are so expected to be seem final film. I also wondering what I will make. After I finish to make a file of drawing, Jade will handle a programme about film making. Surely, We can finish our film in this week. 





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I'm thinking about visualization of T/MC


I'm thinking about the way of visualization of T/MC.

I've been working for T/MC over 4 weeks. For a while, I can convince what I'll do to represent an image.

Dan asked to finish our project in this week. I promise to complete in this week. Dan and we cooperate for the project, so we could upload a new page on next week.

And there are two options to make an image.

I think that the most critical value of T/MC is connection. Therefore, I want to show the symbol of connection. I imagine the two options that I'm considering to choose one between them. The first symbol is the bridge. It will show to the connection of Tutor and Mentor. And the other is the constructing progress of house by building together with students and teachers. I'm considerating to make a very short film flash about these two options. However, I'm not sure due to difficulty of operating the systems. Anyway, I know that it's difficult to explain without any pictures, but I want to let you know that I'm creating diverse possibilities.

Now I'm searching documents to create the image, and discussing with Jade.

Additionally, the neccessary computer programms for visualization is not displayed on my computer. Hence, I'm worring about that. Nonetheless, I'm trying to using these programms. The first way is working on library in IIT. There are visualization programms. And my friend have this programm. So, I can solve this problem.


Thank you.

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I read article about the process that T/MC develp the youth in a long term and invest forn their future.

Dan explains that continuous caring is decisive to improve student's future. Although students have been mentor for a while, if they are not taken caring, they would be back to dangerous life again. So, stuents should get caring gradually for their improvement. By this process, they can set a goal, and finally achieve their dream in the future.


Honestly, T/MC does not seek the finanical support, but they need a donation for offering education to students. They have get vary donations from everyone. According to, my work is helping to promote T/MC. I'll make an image for T/MC.

I think that if the comany invest to T/MC, they can advertise with T/MC's logo and show their contribution to society. Therefore, it can enhance the company's image to better.

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Invest in the Future of Youth


Today, Dan gave a project to us, and told it specifically.

He want to make a new advertisement for support students.


We were talking about the promoting way of T/MC(Tutor/Mentor Connectiong) to the public. Our duty is make a new page for advertisement.

T/MC sells not real products but OPPURTUNITY and HOPE. Then, it's difficult to make an advertisement, because oppurtunity and hope are not real, so presenting them is not easy. When I see below website;, every people can invest in the Future of Youth. And people can see convincing explanations about the reason for donation. But the poster image looks unfashionable. When I see the image, I can't feel nothing about a connection between tutor and mentor. Dan said that the image is needed to change more creative. We also agree that. Hence, I will make an image to show the sincere of T/MC and have more interests about Heart feeling appropriate with T/MC.


 Additionally, Dan said to me that if I posted my opinion on the blog continuously, people would get interests little by little, later they should receive it as crucial issue. I also think that intending people to be concerned about  the organization in diverse way is vital since it shows many problems about normal students.

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Intoroduce tutor/mentor organization.

Hello~I found two non-profit organization.The first name of org. is 'Cabrini connections, Tutor/Mentor Program'. And the second is 'Cabrini-Green Tutoring'.Both organization have a same purpose to improve economically disadvantaged students. They make a tutoring program that operates from Mon. to Tue. after school. Additionally, they've held on diverse activity for students. Students can experience many category activity that motivates them to be grown up. It inspires that students get more intersts to study and have a self-esteem. These organizations make student's life more lavish, and draw them to be mature adult. Sometimes other people would disagree this opinion. However, if we see our life as long distance, it should give critical benefits on our society. For example, when I see it dramatically, it can decrease the number of criminals, because many dangerous crimes from the media shows that most criminals have been made from the poor family; extremely the nonprotectful family. Since they have not been taken care from others, they've not known other's feeling well and what is moral behavior. Also, they have not seen the justice and the right in their family, it is possible that they commit more physical violence to others rather than people brought up on harmoniously family . Hence, I strongly believe that the number of ciminals should go down if disadvantaged students normally taught from tutor/mentor program keep increasing. According to this opinion, I confirm that every young students should get affection continually regardless of what kind of family they came from. When I research these two organization, almost students from here went to the college. Therefore, as considerating the brilliant future for students, I introduce these two organization for you. They need your deep interest.Thank you,Stella
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i looked some website up today. " the ACE Mentor Program of america" The ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc. is working hard to make sure there are. ACE is an acronym for architecture, construction, and engineering.

The program's mission is to engage, excite and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in the integrated construction industry through mentoring; and to support their continued advancement in the industry through scholarships and grants.

especially, in chicago, ace's illinois affiliate works with 39 lacal public high schools to encourage interested student to pursue careers in architecture, construction and engineering




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introduction ppt


hi this is a ppt that Jade and Dan created, introducing the Tutor/Mentor Connection and the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC. so more people can understand about tutor/mentor connection and can visit webpage which is linked in this ppt.

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