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 During my internship, I can learn the way of adjusting a new environment. For example, I try to be close with colleague in office and communicate with them to make a good result. Then, I can practice an organizational behavior based on understanding each other.12637701878?profile=original

To the next, I can enhance my own skill such as graphic image. Because my ordinary major is fine-art, so I make a project with using my art works. I feel greatly worthwhile when I create a graphic image to promote our company. To explain my work, I was thinking of representing a most suitable image to our company. Since our company is just not non-profit organization, and they help the disadvantaged student. You can look at our organization at this web site : http://www.tutormentorconference.org/platform_tmi.htm. I intend to lovely and heart minded, because I want to promote T/MC to get more donation. They are working sincerely to encourage the students. Then, short animation comes to my mind. I simply drew each face with color pen and add the other face in sequence. I pictured each face and these growing the number of face progress.  After collecting these all picture and replay all, it seems that more and more people are appearing. It means that our company is not made by alone but consisted of other people, additionally with appreciated cooperation. Moreover, as hand drawing, it shows intimate relationship and symbolizes the warm heart spirit of our company. By these two reasons, I can acquire how to set the project with other people and make decision with them, and I can develop and use my art skill to required image.

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