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July Tutor/Mentor Connection eNewsletter

I hope you'll all take a few moments to read the July eNewsletter on line. You can also subscribe to the newsletter from that site. I focus on Volunteer Recruitment in this issue, because with school starting soon, most tutor/mentor programs are beginning the work of recruiting volunteers and students. At Cabrini Connections we try to have our recruitment and orientations finished by mid September, so we can have kids and volunteers matched by the third week. This helps us get kids connected to tutors and mentors in the first grading period of the new school year. As we focus on volunteers, I'm also focused on fund raising. Without the money needed to pay rent, insurance, utilities, and for staff who are the glue in a tutor/mentor program, the connections of kids and volunteers won't happen. I'll be writing about this on my blog during the month, and I hope that each of you will make an effort to write a blog article related to recruitment and fund raising during the coming month. If you write a story and link to this forum, or to my blog, you'll be contributing to our efforts to increase the number of people who are looking at the information we collect, and using that information to make decisions about where, and how, they get connected to kids. If you have an updated profile, or an active group on Ning, this collective effort can draw volunteers and donors to you, not just to the programs in Chicago.
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Good Memory at Cabrini Connections(Part I)

It was my last week to work for Cabrini Connections. I got such a wonderful experience at there.Nice colleagues, interesting working enviornment, our president-Dan always with smile……Last Wednesday, Toni organized a party for another two interns from Korea and Chris, who is Northwestern University student and work for one year at Cabrini Connections. Because they finished their mission there.I posted some photos at My Ablum called Memories at Cabrini Connections.I hope you can check it out and let me bring you have a tour trip at Cabrini Connections.
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The script of Resource Map

Another two interns, who are from Korea, have already finished their internship at Cabrini Connections. I'm glad to work for another week and make it up for my sickness day. Daniel told me to write something about Resource Map done by another two interns.I looked back the old and new vision of resource map and compare them. New vision uses flash and fresh layout and make people know what our organization resource is going on easily. Old vision just presented the general introduction of our resources. In fact, I really like Daniel's create idea and use more technology tools into organizations developing.If you need to get link with their resources map, please visit their blog on Ning at, then click at resource map, gets the whole view of their work.What is resource map?I strongly recommend using resource map into links and learning network. They make people know what we need and what we have at Cabrini Connections and T/M Connection. There is part of strategy map (please visit our T/M program website at and get more information about strategy map)You can use our new vision of resource map and link to links library, gets more information about T/M program and related resources in Chicago or other parts of America.How is resource map working?There have two important parts of resource map. One is Volunteer; another is all programs need operating money.Other different parts of way are working under them.From Volunteer part, you can get information like how to find place to volunteer and help for volunteers.We did not only tell you where can you work for the volunteer, but also help you involve your business parts.Under the parts of how to find place to volunteer, we expand to another two resources for you. One is ways volunteers can help; another is ways business can help.Under the parts of help for volunteers, you can get resources like college, leadership and career information.Another shinning point is also from this part, which is called Homework Help.What is Homework Help?It is for the students in T/M program from 1st to 5th grade till college and vocational school.The subjects in the Homework Help includes Science, Math and Engineering, Health Careers and Prevention, International Arts/Mentoring, Arts and Humanities, Multiple Subjects, Math Science, Written Skills, Literature and the Arts, Social Science and extra Curricular Activity Resources, Brain Exercises.From the part of All programs need operating dollars, this part is a little complicated than volunteer part, which means to get more useful information involve T/M program. You know how our organization gets money from.There have different ways to collect dollars and we also want to help schools and hospitals build up their own T/M program. T/M program can be everywhere, every business field.Like strategy map, leaders and teams in companies, universities, churches and hospitals adopt the T/M strategy as their own workforce development, diversity, poverty reduction, or violence prevention. Our strategy map can help you make them possible.I would like to let you know who is doing this challenge work, he is our president of Cabrini Connections and T/M Connection, his name is Daniel E Bassill. If you want to know about him, please visit his blog on T/M Connection at
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We updated the 'Strategy Map'.If you click the "L" (Learning Network) button, then you can go to the 'Resources Map'.You must put both two of swf files (Strategy Map & Resources Map) in same folder before you do that.If you have question, feel free to ask.These are our e-mail address.Gunwoong Go (KG) : kgwoong@gmail.comSungjoong Kim (Karse) : savermf@hanmail.netThank you.(Execution file)StrategyMap.swfResourcesMap.swf(Original file)StrategyMap.flaResourcesMap.fla
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Presentation of Resource Map

Hi everyone.Before we give you the presentation about our work, we want to say thank you.We had many experience by working in the 'Cabrini Connection' for six weeks.Also, we met many people, and they give to us much favor.Our project was re-design for diagram of resources map structure.Dan said we can do anything what we want to do or what we can do to help Cabrini Connection.So, we started to looking for the project what is made by formal interns, finally we found out 'Strategy map'.That was wonderful and awesome. We were suprised how it was perfectly well designed and systematic.We wanted to do make something like that, and we told our opinion to Dan.First, we fixed link of the 'Strategy map', because all links were broken.However, we didn't have a original source file, so we used decompiler for making a source file.Second, we animated a 'Resources map' by using 'Flash CS3'We decided to our design concept that was simple, circle shape, and smooth.The design concept was same as 'Strategy map', because we wanted to unify design concept.(Resources map)

We made 'Resources map' adapting orange color concept, and moving quickly more than before.It looks like more fun and more exiting!(Pop-up)

If you over the mouse on the each node, then you can see the pop-up message which inforn the link,and if you click that, you can connect that link.(Homework help map)

We made 'Homework help map' adapting yellow color concept.(Pop-up)

If you over the mouse on the each node, then you can see the pop-up message which inforn the link,and if you click that, you can connect that link.Finally, we inserted the sound files, those offered infromation about each node.The sound files made by Chris, he recorded them.If you over the mouse on the each node, then you can hear the voice about informaiton.Those offer to you what it is or what you can, and you can understand easily.We also inserted the sound files to the 'Strategy map'That was our project.Actually, we didn't know how to handle flash tool, so we had hard time working with flash.However, we tried to do our best, and finally we could finish the project completely.Thank you for give to us those opportunities and always admire us whatever we we attatched four files which are consist of'Strategy map' original code and SWF file,and 'Resources map' original code and SWF file.StrategyMap_VoiceAdd.flaStrategyMap_VoiceAdd.swfResourcesMap.flaResourcesMap.swf
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A letter to Michael Jackson

Dear Michael Jackson,I think you'll be surprised to receive a letter from a girl, who is from shanghai, China. We were growing up with your songduring our childhood. It was very popular to copy your signature moonwalk on our teenage. There is no doubt that youare our king of Pop. We will remember the day- June 25th.You were an American recording artist, entertainer and businessman. The seventh child of the Jackson family, youmade your debut on the professional music scene in 1968 as a member of The Jackson 5. You then began a solocareer in 1971 while still a member of the group and was referred to as the "King of Pop" in subsequent years. Your1982 album Thriller remains the world's best-selling album of all time,and four of your other solo studio albums areamong the world's best-selling records: Off the Wall (1979), Bad (1987),Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995).In the early 1980s, you became a dominant figure in popular music and the first African American entertainer to amass astrong crossover following on MTV. The popularity of your music videos airing on MTV, such as "Beat It", "Billie Jean"and "Thriller"—widely credited with transforming the music video from a promotional tool into an art form—helped bringthe relatively new channel to fame. Videos such as "Black or White" and "Scream" made you an enduring staple onMTV in the 1990s. With stage performances and music videos, you popularized a number of physically complicateddance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk. Your distinctive musical sound and vocal style influenced manyhip hop, pop and contemporary R&B artists across several generations.You're not only a King of Pop, singer,entertainer,artist……You're a great man with love, caring, compassionate. In your whole life, you did a lot of works for charities. and many ofthese charities help special needs children. People mentioned you was accused of child sexual abuse in 1993. Thechild in this case admitted the charge was fake because of benefit after you died. I knew you felt lonely and helplessunder the pressure of media attack during that time. Now, you will be peace in the heaven and last forever. We willremember your song, your dance move, your contribution to the society and else.Not so many people can do the one thing in his life, because people always like changing their mind. Some people stillhold their belief and do one thing in their lives. Dan is one of them, who is the president of Cabrini Connections, which Iworked for an intern during this summer. He contributed his whole life building up his tiny wish to help the children.Cabrinin Connections & Tutor/mentor Connection was founded by Daniel F. Bassill. Their mission is to engageworkplace adults in structured activities that make a life-changing difference for youth living in economically andeducationally disadvantaged neighborhoods. I would like to make you know there are a lot of people doing charitieswork for the needs children.I think you won't feel loney in another world because we all remember you in this world.Sincerely,Liye
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