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Another two interns, who are from Korea, have already finished their internship at Cabrini Connections. I'm glad to work for another week and make it up for my sickness day. Daniel told me to write something about Resource Map done by another two interns.

I looked back the old and new vision of resource map and compare them. New vision uses flash and fresh layout and make people know what our organization resource is going on easily. Old vision just presented the general introduction of our resources. In fact, I really like Daniel's create idea and use more technology tools into organizations developing.

If you need to get link with their resources map, please visit their blog on Ning at
https://tutormentorconnection.ning.com/profiles/blogs/presentation-..., then click at resource map, gets the whole view of their work.

What is resource map?
I strongly recommend using resource map into links and learning network. They make people know what we need and what we have at Cabrini Connections and T/M Connection. There is part of strategy map (please visit our T/M program website at http://www.tutormentorconnection.org/ and get more information about strategy map)
You can use our new vision of resource map and link to links library, gets more information about T/M program and related resources in Chicago or other parts of America.

How is resource map working?
There have two important parts of resource map. One is Volunteer; another is all programs need operating money.
Other different parts of way are working under them.

From Volunteer part, you can get information like how to find place to volunteer and help for volunteers.
We did not only tell you where can you work for the volunteer, but also help you involve your business parts.

Under the parts of how to find place to volunteer, we expand to another two resources for you. One is ways volunteers can help; another is ways business can help.

Under the parts of help for volunteers, you can get resources like college, leadership and career information.
Another shinning point is also from this part, which is called Homework Help.

What is Homework Help?
It is for the students in T/M program from 1st to 5th grade till college and vocational school.
The subjects in the Homework Help includes Science, Math and Engineering, Health Careers and Prevention, International Arts/Mentoring, Arts and Humanities, Multiple Subjects, Math Science, Written Skills, Literature and the Arts, Social Science and extra Curricular Activity Resources, Brain Exercises.

From the part of All programs need operating dollars, this part is a little complicated than volunteer part, which means to get more useful information involve T/M program. You know how our organization gets money from.
There have different ways to collect dollars and we also want to help schools and hospitals build up their own T/M program. T/M program can be everywhere, every business field.

Like strategy map, leaders and teams in companies, universities, churches and hospitals adopt the T/M strategy as their own workforce development, diversity, poverty reduction, or violence prevention. Our strategy map can help you make them possible.

I would like to let you know who is doing this challenge work, he is our president of Cabrini Connections and T/M Connection, his name is Daniel E Bassill. If you want to know about him, please visit his blog on T/M Connection at

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