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Most non profits are chronically short of dollars to hire all of the staff they need, and during this economic turmoil, this is particularly true. Thus, it's great when the non profit can recruit interns to help do important work. If you browse the groups section you can see how interns from Korea, Michigan and IIT have been helping the Tutor/Mentor Connection visualize some of its ideas. You can connect with interns who were with us for the past two years, and you can meet new interns who will be joining us from IIT in May of 2009. At this post you can see how an intern from DePaul University is helping us. Chris Warren, who writes this blog, is on a one-year fellowship from Northerwestern, as part of a Public Interest Program Fellowship. On the NUTutorMentor page you can meet another intern, Diana Castanena, who is from Northwestern. You can also meet volunteers from the CampusCATALYST program at Northwestern, who are working with the Tutor/Mentor Connection this spring. We're fortunate to have such people and so many other volunteers working with us. It helps stretch the limited dollars we have to achieve much greater impact.
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