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The financial world seems to be crashing all around us, yet the kids we serve in our tutor/mentor program are still only 11 to 17 (7th grade to 12th grade) and all need our continued support for one to six years just to finish high school. How to find the money to pay the rent, salaries, insurance and other expenses in an environment where donor dollars are disappearing. Are you faced with this challenge? What are you doing? To me, one solution is that more of us who do similar work need to innovate more ways to get our message of why and where we are needed, and what we are doing. We need to advertise to a broader audience, with greater frequency. We don't have the dollars to do this, but if you're reading this message, we have the technology to do this. Write blog articles like we do at to tell about what you do in your organizations. Use forums like this to share your blog address with others, to create a greater reach. If hundreds of us do this we can build a greater visibility that competes for shrinking resources.
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