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Happy Holidays and May we all Connect in Purposeful Ways in 2010

This is a graphic of the Strategy used by the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

It's the reason we are all connected on this web site. Sites like this bring people together who can share ideas, build relationships, and work together to overcome common obstacles. If no one creates and hosts the site, no one else connects, unless someone else creates a similar site, and does similar work over many years to draw attention, and people, to the site.

This Ning group is just one part of the many resources collected and shared by the T/MC. What we share on the T/MC site is free to anyone who wants to use it. It's also constantly being changed both by what we add to the site, and by what the people we link to add to their own web sites.

Thus, we need to find people who will spend time learning what is on the web sites, and who is in a group like this, then who spend time "helping" others find the knowledge, or the people, they need to find in order to do the work they are doing.

My wish for 2010 is that more people will step forward to take roles within the T/MC, to help gather, organize and share this information, and to help more people find it and use it. If enough people do that then the people directly connected to kids will have more of the resources they need to have an impact on the lives of those children, youth and families.

Happy new year to all of you. Thanks for joining this group. I look forward to hearing from you in 2010 (which for some of you may already be here!)

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