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Final week reflection

It's my last week of my seven weeks internship at Cabrini Turtor/Mentor Connections. This organization is a non-profit organization aimed to help students who live in disadvantaged areas. My job here is promote our projects through facebook, blog of Ning website and some Chinese websites, get people's attention on Cabrini Connections, try to get them donate or volunteer at Cabrini. Although things are not as easy as I have thought, I still see many people are doing something in order to make…


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2010 Golf Benifit

2010 Jimmy Biggs Memorial Golf Benefit was held successfully at the Highland Park Country Club yesterday (July 15). Around 100 golfers came to support for this Golf Benifit. We all enjoyed eating, drinking, and socializing. Willow's and my job was taking pictures and communicate with people to help them better understand T/MC. I'm really happy to see people enjoyed their time and willing to give a hand to assist us in providing the…


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Edgewood College Experience

It's Cabrini's 12th annual Edgewood College Experience, fortunately I can take a part in it, a three day mini-camp. Youth from our program work with graduate students in Education from Edgewood College. We have fun activities, brain games, trip in the city, ect.

Compared with thoese cold-calling from local businesses, I see there are some people are really working hard to help youth to grow. I see patience and love.

And I made friend with Kristin, a graduate…


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July 2, 2010

It's the second week since I started my internship at Tutor/Mentor

Connections. Willow and me have taken a part in promoting the Tutor/Mentor Jam which is coming-together of bands, entertaners and the local business community represents a village, coming together to draw public attention and support toward our programs in high-poverty/high-crime neighborhoods throughout the Chicago region.

The jam is going to take place at Darkroom bar on Aug 29, 2010. And we are going to… Continue

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Share words

One is from Najib Mahfuz, I took this sentence from his book Children of the Alley, he won the Nobel Prize for literature in Oct 1988. It's a great book, trust me. As I read the Chinese vision, i have to translate it in English, there would be some mistakes.

"Work for yourself, as you are going to live forever; work for others, as you are going to die tomorrow."

Another is from movie Precious.

"Some folks got a…


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first day

It's the first day of my intern; I'm going to stay here for almost two months. To be honest, I don't know what the company does before I came here. After Dan's introduction and Michael's video, an intern who has

worked here several years ago, I think I got the main point of this company.

That’s help youth in disadvantaged environment build up their aim and goal of

their life and help them to reach it with our connections in the…


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