Final week reflection

It's my last week of my seven weeks internship at Cabrini Turtor/Mentor Connections. This organization is a non-profit organization aimed to help students who live in disadvantaged areas. My job here is promote our projects through facebook, blog of Ning website and some Chinese websites, get people's attention on Cabrini Connections, try to get them donate or volunteer at Cabrini. Although things are not as easy as I have thought, I still see many people are doing something in order to make differences.

I have taken a part in Cabrini's 12th annual Edgewood College Experience and 2010 Jimmy Biggs Memorial Golf Benefit fortunately and see how a non-profit organization work to promote their organization and encourage people to donate or volunteer at them. I really treasure this experience because I wanna be a promoter in the future, and they have a through knowledge of each other.

I've also experienced cold-calling when I tried to connect the local radios to promote our project. I've send more than 50 Emails but have few responds. That made me realized that not all the people are interested in what you are doing, and what should I do is figure out what's my project's selling point and how it can deserve others' attention. If I can persaude people to look at the same thing from their own angle, it may make a difference. This is what I need to prove myself and learn more about it.

I always think non-profit work is the hardest work in the world, because most people in the world are working for themselves, but a few people, just like who are working at non-profit organization, they work for others. People in Cabrini Connection are part of them, they help youth in disadvantaged environment build up their aim and goal of their life and help them to reach it with their connections in the world. As I said in my blog before, few individuals’ strength is weak, but a group of people is strong enough to change something.

It's a honor to work in Cabrini Connection, I treasure the experence to work here and get along with nice people here. I do hope there will be more people donate or volunteer at Cabrini, and if it's possible, I hope I'm able to donate at Carbini Connection one day.

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  • Thank you for writing this and for the work you've done for the past seven weeks. I hope that you'll stay connected once you're back in China and that you'll continue to translate our ideas and share them in your own writing and media. That way we can connect more people from around the world into a network of helpers who do everything they can to enable each other to succeed.
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