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When the Chicago SunTimes or Chicago Tribune use a full page to tell a story, they are spending over $300,000 to print that story and distribute it to readers. I create maps following negative news stories, like the one shown here, and write about these on my blog and Mike Trakan's blog.

In these maps I'm showing the availability of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in these areas and encouraging volunteers and donors to support existing programs, or help build new ones if none exist.

I don't have the money to advertisie so I depend on the media and our network to encourage people to read our blog articles, and to then become involved with the various tutor/mentor programs we point to.

In the May 28 and 29 conference I'm trying to put together a media panel in which people talk about ways they cover news like the shooting of CPS kids, and what role media should take in pointing readers to web sites where they learn ways to be volunteers, donors and/or leaders in programs that can help kids stay out of gangs and stay focused on education.

I sent a message to Monroe Anderson, who I'm connected to on Facebook, and asked him if he would help me.

He wrote back saying, "Sure, Daniel. I'll volunteer to MC it or be on the panel and I'll provide you with half a dozen names that I think will be good."

So that's great. Now can we help that panel grow, by inviting media to join us on Ning, a well as the conference. Let's discuss what the role of media should be in following up bad news, with links to information which people could use to help turn the bad news into solutions that are good news?

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I foundthis blog that shares ideas about networks and how to influence followers to do what you hope they will do. It's good reading for those of us in the Tutor/Mentor Connection who want to have a greater influence on how people who don't live in poverty use their time, talent and dollars to help people who do.


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