• I've encouraged leaders of youth serving organizations in Africa, Asia and South America to build web libraries such as I host for Chicago tutor/mentor programs and for others around the country. 

    This information is intended to be a resource anyone can look at to find ideas used in some places that could be used in other places. This is an on-going process of benchmarking.  In this PDF I suggest things that should be shown on an organization's web site.  If organizations are consistent in what they share we could all be working to attract volunteers and donors, who choose who to help based on where they live, who the program serves and where the program is located.

    This is a learning strategy and needs to be on-going. It also needs to include volunteers, donors, and even youth, who could be looking at opportunities youth have in other places and helping make those opportunities available where they are.

    This is not a short term solution. It is the only solution I know to create excellent programs.

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