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I posted a message on Facebook telling how I'd been involved for 37 years and how my life has been enriched as a result. One of our former students posted this response:

No, THANK YOU for caring when no one else would, you started a movement and I have watched it blossom into something I couldnt imagine back at St. Matthews Church, you and your family have sacrificed so much time, and Im proof that just one person can make such a huge impact on someone's life. Love ya Dan...Im getting the itch to start my own :)

Hearing from alumni like this just reinforces my point on how I've been blessed by making a consistent effort to help others.


We need leaders and investors who will think of the Tipping Points that would enable more programs Cabrini Connections and long-term leaders like me to be involved in more places. If members of this group and our network share these ideas in their own networks on a regular basis, we can find those people and motivate them to join us.

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