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Poor People Still in Cabrini Green Despite News Reports

I saw a TV report last night saying "Cabrini Green Gone".  


Someone should tell that to the 35 -40 7th to 12th grade teens at Cabrini Connections who live in the Cabrini Green area, either in the Row Houses or the redeveloped property.  I wrote a blog articleabout this last fall, showing that about 400 families still live in the Row House area and that 1200 families are promised homes in the redeveloped area by 2014.


If people don't believe there is a need for programs like Cabrini Connections in the area, they won't be volunteers or provide operating dollars, and we will no longer be there to serve what will be a growing number of youth who still would benefit from tutoring/mentoring and expanded non-school learning.


The map above is from the Tutor/Mentor Program Locator's Interactive map. We can zoom into different parts of the city and build an  understanding of what tutor/mentor programs exist, or where more are needed. We can also see assets like faith groups, banks, colleges and hospitals who could be helping these programs grow. 

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