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 Finally, I learned much about the Tutor/Mentor connection by other works. They help me understand Tutor/Mentor connection’s missions and goals. I think it is like a advertisement. So, It should be a strong impact, without long. So, I will process the project using these steps. First, I will set the targets. Tutor connection needs someone who has capability to help the children. So, I consider who will see the video. Next, the subject will be included in that. I think this subject is appealing to more people about children who need help. Third, It will be creative and interesting. If it does not have fun, the subject will not be passed well.  I will try to make the conti many times to be creative. 

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on May 28, 2013 at 3:53pm

What I'd like you to do is review projects done by other interns, such as this Prezi by Mina Song.  Can you highlight parts of this in a video, so that because of your video/advertising more people will look at the complete presentation by Mina?

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