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William T. Grant Foundation 2009 Annual Report

I encourage bloggers who are writing for the T/MC to read the 2009 president's essay and others that are posted on this Foundation page.

We need to encourage people to connect on-line and at face to face events such as the Tutor/Mentor Conference, to discuss the ideas raised in these reports and other research.

We need to focus attention on

a) strategies that make constantly-improving youth-serving… Continue

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Blog Strategy for Tutor/Mentor Connection bloggers

On this Ning site many are writing blog articles focusing on goals of Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection. On the Cabrini Blog, you can see how our staff are writing blog articles every week. Be sure to look at the links on that site, because each is another blog written by one of our staff, or volunteers, or interns. On my own Tutor/Mentor blog, I link to the… Continue

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Backward Mapping - next visualizatoin project for interns

In this discussion on Social Edge, the concept of backward mapping and theory of change are being discussed.

This is an idea that has driven much of my thinking for many years. In many of the articles I write I say "what are all the actions that many people would need to take, for many years, to assure that more kids born… Continue

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Making Progress Toward Goals - Planning Cycle

Out of more than 200 members in this Ning group, a small percent are staff, volunteers and interns working directly with Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection. Our purpose, as shown by this strategy map, is to help comprehensive, volunteer based tutor/mentor programs grow in high poverty areas of the…


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Video shows involvement of interns, NU PIP Fellow, and volunteers

This video was created last week. The announcer is E Wilson, an intern from Loyola University Chicago, who writes a blog on this site. The video was created by Bradley Troast, who is our Northwestern University Public Interest Program Fellow for 2009-10. He's also a member of this group.

The video features volunteers from Cabrini Connections who are tutors/mentors and are helping raise money needed.

This is another demonstration of how… Continue

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Competitions can help create understanding and public awareness

This is a graphic created by Jawon Koo, an intern from IIT who has been with Cabrini Connections Tutor/Mentor Connection for about 3 weeks. It's part of an animation, converting a T/MC article into…


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Creative Idea on Ning home page

Have you looked at the Ning home page recently? They have implemented an idea that I've been interested in for many years. I first saw something like this at this Creativity Map web site.

Does anyone know what technology Ning might be using to do this?

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Update on tragedy in Haiti

One of my fraternity brothers is a doctor who has go to Haiti 14 times in the past 5 years to do medical work. Thus, his connections to people in Haiti are first hand. Here's an email he sent this morning, to update me and others. If you can respond to any of the needs listed please do.


We were overjoyed to hear that Drs. Merline Milien, Vladimyr Roseau,

and Francise Milien (all Haitian medical students we have worked with for years) are well and… Continue

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Happy Holidays and May we all Connect in Purposeful Ways in 2010

This is a graphic of the Strategy used by the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

It's the reason we are all connected on this web site. Sites like this bring people together who can share ideas, build relationships, and work together to overcome common obstacles. If no one creates and hosts the… Continue

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Support a US charity by voting on FACEBOOK today

The CHASE corporation has announced a program on Facebook that encourages people to vote for their favorite charity. The top vote getter could win $1 million and the runner up programs could each win $25,000.

You can vote for Cabrini Connections Tutor/Mentor Connection at http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/1184283

If you are listed in the charity search… Continue

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There are many on this forum who work directly with youth. How can we combine our message to draw more resources?

During the next six weeks people in the US and the world will be more generous than they are at any other part of the year. How can we combine our messages on this and other forums, so more donors are choosing non profits represented by members of this forum?

One way is to write a blog talking about what you do, and where you communicate your own message to the public. If you link to this forum on those blogs and Facebook pages, then the people you talk to in other forums will come… Continue

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Help Tutor/Mentor Connection win donations in America's Giving Challenge

Can you make a $10 donation to help us keep hosting this web site, and the other resources of the Tutor/Mentor Connection? Can you encourage 10 people you know to also make a $10 donation, and to encourage 10 people they know to do so?

We're competing in the America's Giving Challenge on Facebook, where the non profit getting the most donors by Nov. 6 wins $50,000 in addition to the money from those donors.

There are daily prizes of… Continue

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Television Shows Promote Volunteering - How does this help you promote your own program?

Television viewers will notice the week of October 19 – 25 that their favorite characters and actors are promoting volunteerism to a level never before seen in the entertainment industry.

The effort is part of a multi-year initiative from the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) titled "I Participate," which will encourage Americans to embrace a new way of thinking about service and aims to persuade millions of people to volunteer regularly. For more information about "I… Continue

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Visualizations can help create shared understanding

On my blog at Tutor/Mentor Connection I post graphics like the one below, to help explain concepts that I feel would result in more resources for tutor/mentor programs, thus, more and better programs reaching more kids. The one below illustrates a goal of educating donors and volunteers so they are visiting forums like this, and our web sites, to learn what we do and decide who, and how, to help.

The chart below illustrates how this… Continue

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Map your strategy

Below is a strategy map that illustrates our goal of helping kids born in poverty be starting jobs and careers by age 25. You can follow the links on this map and find many ideas that you can use to lead this strategy where ever your may be.

If you share the same goal, I encourage you to create concept maps that provide your vision and… Continue

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Cabrini Connections story on Channel 2 News in Chicago

Last night Channel 2 News did a story about Cabrini Connections, showing a bit about what we do and conveying a message of "help wanted" to potential donor/viewers. You can see the story on their web site.

This illustrates that while we're leading the Tutor/Mentor Connection, and trying to help all of you, and many others, get the volunteers, dollars, ideas, that you need at your… Continue

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Add yourself to Tutor/Mentor Connection map so you can see how you relate to each other

On the main Tutor/Mentor Connection web site I have a map that you can use to show where you are located in the world, and who you are.

There are other versions of this type of service available, and if someone can figure a way to add it as a feature on this Ning page, please offer it. Until then, the guest map that is… Continue

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August Tutor/Mentor Connection eNews

You can find the August 2009 newsletter for Tutor/Mentor Connection here. It has lots of links to articles that people involved in volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs should value.

The next Chicago Tutor/Mentor Conference is Nov. 19 and 20 and Nicole White is looking for volunteers to help organize and market the conference, and a few sponsors to help pay for it.

Introduce yourself to Nicole in the… Continue

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July Tutor/Mentor Connection eNewsletter

I hope you'll all take a few moments to read the July eNewsletter on line. You can also subscribe to the newsletter from that site.

I focus on Volunteer Recruitment in this issue, because with school starting soon, most tutor/mentor programs are beginning the work of recruiting volunteers and students. At… Continue

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National Conference on Volunteering and Service this week.

For the next three days, volunteer and business leaders from around the nation will gather in San Francisco for this year's National Conference on Volunteering and Service.

This year's conference is using blogs and other social media to connect with people who cannot be at the conference. I'll be connecting from my tutor/mentor blog and on… Continue

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