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This blog article by Ryan Allis on change.org's Social Entrepreneurship blog discusses new evidence contending the notion that: "The Only Social Responsibility of a Company Is To Increase Profits for Shareholders."

The article discusses a case study in which firms that were particularly socially responsible grew shareholder value 1025% in the last ten years while others returned 122%.

"There does seem to be substantive and significant evidence showing there the tradeoff between social responsibility and financial responsibility
is false and in fact social responsibility in many cases aligns with
increasing financial profitability."

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This topic is being discussed this week on the Social Edge forum at http://www.socialedge.org/discussions/responsibility/the-case-again...

I encourage folks from the T/MC site to add their ideas on the SE forum and bring some of the participants back here to continue the discussion with a focus on helping tutor/mentor programs engage corporate volunteers and resources while preparing a future generation for work and careers.


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