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I definitely feel that online mentorship can definitely play a role for businesses and employers to reach out to middle and high school students. Especially, since our youth is alot more technicaly dependent and savvy than previous generation. My focus for my organization is to spread that concept in the Northeast area. 

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This graphic is one of the concept maps I've created. Each node includes links to pages on our web sites with information related to that topic. This particular map is one pointing to research that shows where and why volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs are needed.

Adults and youth could be visiting web libraries like this and reading, reflecting and discussing the ideas in each link. As they do that they build relationships, build learning habits and critical thinking, and learn ways to take charge of their futures.  The people helping facilitate this process, as well as those who build the information maps, could be from different parts of the world. The youth and volunteers could also be from different parts of the world. 

While the information on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC site focuses on building a better distribution of constantly improving tutor/mentor programs reaching kids in high poverty areas, this type of information mapping could focus on any topic and/or any region of the country.  The mentoring and learning that is involved in building an understanding could have great value.  Are you doing anything like this in your work? 

What about others who are part of this forum? What are you doing with on-line mentoring?

The map looks great. Part of my work will entail connecting high growth businesses with lower income k-12 students. Online mentoring will definitely lower the number of face to face hours, while providing info. However, some face to face, whether it could occur once a month, could be use so that students can obtain a hands on approach on how workplaces operate. Thanks so much for that visual.
Are you benchmarking what you're doing against some of the existing e-mentoring programs in our library?
My new program is still at the beginning stage. Right now I'm getting scheduled for workshops, but I do intend to learn from online mentorship programs because I believe that businesses will be more receptive of this concept since it will cut down on some face to face contact. Especially when many have such busy schedule, yet, will love to work with youth.


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