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Daniel suggested I post a couple of links from my company and me to help you get to know me and what resources I can offer you to make your programs GREAT!

First of all, let me say that I applaud anyone working as a tutor or mentor these days. It is so needed. Most importantly, it is needed to help students see the bigger picture and application to what they are learning in the classroom. As we are getting more technical in how we teach the mechanics of reading, math, science, sometimes the love for those subjects and the everyday application falls by the wayside.

Here are a few free tips for tutors, courtesy of the Literacy Ambassador®

5. Reassure your child every step of the way. They have already heard too often “You’re not a very good at this, are you?” Always encourage your students with positive reinforcement. Be honest in responding but do not focus on the negative; they get enough of that. If the student is correct, say so but do not exaggerate accomplishments. If the student is incorrect, also say so supportively: “That’s not quite right, but it was a good try. Try again, please” and remind them of a rule or hint that will help. Or simply correct the mistake by repeating the word or phrase correctly, but make no comment to the student (thus not drawing undue attention to his or her error). Convince them they can be good at whatever subject you are helping them with. Complement them when they go back and correct.

13. Take a break from the books and go to the computer. Most schools and libraries and some tutoring centers now have computers with Internet connections. If your tutoring sessions take place in this environment, ask the person in charge what is available. They may also have purchased software to assist readers or even specifically for the tutoring sessions like Reader Rabbit, Leap Frog FunBrain or FactMonster. Verify that the student has written permission to use the computer and Internet before you proceed. There are many fun, interactive games that relate to learning.

Here are resources, ready to meet your needs:

http://inspiringteachers.com/catalog/ebooks/powerful_picture_books.... - Powerful Picture Books: 180 Ideas for Promoting Content Learning -

Powerful Picture Books, written by Cathy Puett Miller, offers over 180 ideas for connecting children's books to content areas. Build your elementary, middle and high school students' background knowledge and essential academic skills through the magical world of picture books!

This instant resource of 180 quality picture books gives you one to read for every day of the typical school year. Each entry is organized to include the title, author, and publication details, as well as a short annotation for each, connecting to such content areas as history, writing, the arts, geography, science and more. Extensive indexing gives educators, librarians, tutors, and parents a variety of ways to use a picture book a day with great results. The 1-180 listing also provides a convenient "one picture book for each day" approach that follows many familiar themes (such as Grandparent's Day, winter holidays, etc.) throughout the school year.

An interactive index allows teachers to locate books by topic and/or subject area, perfect for upper elementary, middle, and high school. Topics include sequencing, cause and effect, history, biographies, math, science, holidays, animals, music, art, and more. Some lesson ideas also include additional book recommendations and website links for further ideas.

Secondly, READING IS FOR EVERYONE, is a framework for establishing a volunteer-based tutoring program, managed and implemented by lay individuals from the community (PTA/PTO, social service and nonprofit agencies, social service clubs, etc.) The entire framework with one year of limited support from TLA, Inc. is available or you may shop for what your organization needs and purchase only the components you need.

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