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Hi everyone, I just found a site called Laborfair.com, which connects people looking for tutors, plumbers, housekeepers, etc. with those who provide such services. I just registered in the tutor section, and it's really easy to do. You just set yourself up with a profile, including a photo and description of yourself, and the jobs literally come to you. It's great for earning extra revenue on the side, (especially during the summer) or if you're between jobs. You can specify your hourly rate and everything. It works by using ratings and reviews, so it's kind of like a blend of ebay and craigslist. Right now it's only in California -- SF Bay Area, L.A., Sacramento, and Stockton/Modesto. Plus it's free, so you have nothing to lose.

Check it out!

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The focus of this forum and the type of tutoring/mentoring we do is volunteer-based. Thus, it's not likely that many people visiting these pages will be paid tutors looking for jobs.

If you look at Oakland, San Diego, LA and other big cities in California, there are many areas of high poverty where kids need extra adults in their lives who stay for a long time. This is not a role paid tutors can fill because due to the economics, few are part of a youth's life for very long.

Do you know of people in California doing volunteer based tutoring or mentoring? Why not invite them into this forum.


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