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Video for Tutor / Mentor Connection showing a brief walkthrough of OHATS system

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on December 22, 2010 at 11:48am

I agree with you about the segments. There's a lot to cover.


I looked at what you posted yesterday and think that it might help to spend a bit more time going through the home page. There is a PDF from 2002 located to the left of the graphic. If you read it you'll see how the OHATS is intended to show what different people in a group are doing to reach a shared goal.  Thus, if your group in the UK wants to build a network that aims to help youth who are in elementary school connect with mentors and other resources so that in six to 10 years those youth are more likely to finish high school, the group would first have to become a group, then it would need to set strategies to achieve the goal. Then members of the group would need to act in certain ways over and over for many years if the goal is to be achieved.


An OHATS is a way to understand what people are actually doing what is needed toward achieving that goal. In this way the actions documented show what T/MC is doing toward its goals and could be used by others in other places, if they share the same goals for their own community.  If they have a different purpose, such as fixing water problems in India, they might need to set different goals.

As you move around the home page, you also should click into the metrics and advanced metrics links at the top of the page. You can see that there is a different chart showing actions documented toward the different categories of information.


Before you log in, also see that with each graphic there is a link to a Ning discussion where the purpose of that chart is described, and where we show what additional talents and resources are needed for the OHATS to be more beneficial to us and others.  While you can see the metrics charts once you are logged in, the links go to an older version of Ning and people are not able to see the discussion. The person that built this version of OHATS is no longer with us, and we don't yet have a replacement to fix the things on the web site that don't work as well as needed.


Helping people see the OHATS purpose, as a tool for a group to hold each member accountable for what they do to achieve a shared, long-term goal, will enable more people to appreciate the value.


During the next  few weeks I'm totally focused on fund raising. However, I have asked people I work with to learn to use the application you are using to create these videos. I hope that within a month I'll be able to contribute new understanding of the information we're posting by using the same application myself.


Thank you for your help. Good luck to you in your own network building.


Comment by Nicola Avery on December 21, 2010 at 4:04pm

Hi, now its up, I think it would be better in approx 5 min segments so instead of this 17 min walk through maybe


1 x what is OHATS and getting started (login, logout, top menu, home page)

1 x searching events

1 x recording events

1 x metrics


Can revisit soon but happy re any amendments, deletions, additions etc

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