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Reflection essay

Reflection essay

2015 Feb-Jan Intern

Wona Chang


Hi my name is Wona Chang. I am from South Korea and I studied at Illinois Institute of Technology. I worked at Tutor/Mentor Institute as an intern and I had a great time in here. Time flied so fast and I am now going back to Korea soon.

At first, the reason I wanted to work for Tutor/Mentor Institute was that I am concerned about public problems and issues. I am majoring in Public Administration and what I searched about this organization before the interview matches what I always wanted to do. Tutor/Mentor Connection is a non-profit organization that helps people who are suffering from poverty to have education and career. Fortunately, I had chance to work as an intern in Tutor/Mentor Institute, and my internship had started.

During the first week my supervisor wanted me to browse the site and library so that I could learn about this organization. It was very helpful time. I learned knowledge not only for the organization but also for myself. I knew and realized what was happening around the world and gained insight to the world. I realized that I had lived for only me and I found many people have been involving to help others. It was very refreshing moment for me.

At the first day of my internship, I had to make an introduction of myself and I had to choose methods to use. Luckily, there were self-introduction projects that previous interns had done. I took a look at all of them and I decided to make mine using prezi. I have always wanted to make a prezi but I thought it is hard to do so I hadn’t tried it before. So first I had to learn how to use it and then I finished my self-introduction which was very satisfying. I was glad that I learned it by myself and finished it well even though it was the first time.

Next I was given some projects about visualizing information of Tutor/Mentor connection. To do that, I always had to learn some new methods to use for the projects such as prezi, voice editor and screenshot recorder. It was challenging first, but it was also encouraging for me to do. I was really excited to learn how to use new program and I got even more excited when I actually finished my work.

During the six weeks of internship, I made 3 prezies and 2 videos and 1 powerpoint. I am professional in making powerpoint so there was nothing to worry about but I haven’t make a prezi nor video. It should be taken more time than works done by who are proficient in computer works. However my supervisor fully understood about that problem, and let me take my time which was really thankful. I finished all of my works successfully, and I am proud of myself and also really happy that my work can be used to help other people.

When my friend asked about my internship I was always proud of my organization and more than happy to explain. I tell them what Tutor/Mentor Institute does, and then what I kind of work I do for them. I learned a lot from my supervisor and during the internship. It was a pleasure to work for them.

There are few more things that I would like to talk about. First, the work this organization does is about helping others and concerning about world problems. During the 6 weeks, I feel my mind and brain had grown. Now I can see the world in a different point of view. Second, I could have more active and progressive position then other interns had in other company. My supervisor listened to my voice when I work on projects and I am the one who think and product works. Third, after you finished the intern from this organization, you would feel proud of yourself by looking at the lists of projects you’ve done during the six weeks. It means there are actual results that you can see that you piled up when you finishes internship, which is very encouraging.

I really appreciate that I had chance to work with Dan and Tutor/Mentor Institute. I want to keep contact with when I go back to Korea. 

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Organization of info on Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC


This is the organization information of  Tutor/Mentor Institute.

It is the guide for browsing Tutor mentor Institute Website 

I worked on it by prezi. There are two versions.

Please take a look at them.

Organization of info on Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

Korean ver. Organization of info on Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

12637703065?profile=originalEditor note:  This graphic shows the home page of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web site. The prezi that Wona created provides a guided tour through the site.  Please take a look and share this with others.

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5th week reflection


This is my 5th week. 1 month has passed.

When I first came here I did not know much about Tutor/Mentor Connections.

Now I can explain to my friends and family about T/MC.

I think I gained a deep thought about people around me.

All information I got from the site was so impressive. 

There are works that other interns did, so I also looked at that.

When I first came here I was really surprised with some works that they had done because they were so nice.

I also feel sorry to Dan because I do not have fancy computer skills.

However I learned how to make a Prezi and edit audio. I made 2 prezies and 1 more to go.

It was so fun while I am learning it. I hope my work would be helpful to future interns.

Most of all, I now realize many problems around Chicago and the world

I am happy that I had chance to work for Tutor/Mentor Connections, and excited to do next project.

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