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January 29th, Wednesday.






Today, I create those 4 simple images that introduce these 4 below links.

Base on these images, I'll make short video within tomorrow.

Thank you.

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Second project proposal


I made a second project proposal document.

By this document, I will made my second visual content.

That document includes the contents of this below article. 

I'll fill its blank with some pictures within tomorrow.

 But I'm little bit worried about its content, if they are appropriate or not.

And also its grammar problem.

Thank you for reading.



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3rd Week, Wendsday

Yesterday, I searched Wintrust bank locations, made an excel file and xml file.



57 Wintrust banks in Chicago. Wintrust has many small banks in their company.

After finding location, you can get their longitude and latitude in google.

This is easy work, but it took my time more than I thought. 

Just, search the bank locations in their web site, and make a file. Using notepad, follow the form and when 

you save your file, make sure to add .xml end of the file name. 


Final form is this. I changed their icon a little because it was hard to recognize.

Bright yellow background color, and blue font.

Today, I will do same job for MB financial, Banco Popular, Charter one, Northern trust.

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3rd week_SunjoongYoo




Hi, My name is Sunjoong Yoo. And I'm an intern of T/MC

Last week, I finished my first work that making documents of video proposal.

The title of this video is "The power of small change".

To motivate people, it contains some psychological theory and examples.

"The Broken window theory" and example of New York city's criminal rate are that.

It will be finished within this Wednesday.

and it will become 3 minutes long video. Thank you.

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3rd week. Tuesday

Last week, I tried to fix asset map.

I tried to change Park National Bank to Wintrust Bank.

Logos, words and locations.

I found a test aspx file, so I used that for a test page.

I checked almost codes in all files, and I found a xml file that

have coordinates of banks. Those are in a XML folder.

 After several attempts, I changed large logo and word.
Big logos and words can be changed in AssetMap-test.aspx.
(This is for a test page. If you change something in

AssetMap.aspx, It will affect a real asset map page.)



 But couldn't change small icons on the map. I found that small 
icons are related to .js file(java script) so I changed codes but

didn't work at that time. However, it works now. I didn't do

anything but it works now. Of course, I knew after changing

codes, we have to save that file and close the window and open

the site again. At that time, it didn't work. I guess sometimes it needs time for changing something. 



 Today, I will find the real locations of Wintrust banks in Chicago, and make the bank page perfect. If I have some extra time, try to fix other problems.

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2nd Week

 Yesterday, I access the server. I looked database tables, java codes in asp, aspx files. Because I want to fix some errors in Program Locator website. On the Program Locator, Asset map and Interactive map have some problem.

 Boundaries didn't show up on both maps. Also, resources and schools information need update. For instance, park national bank doesn't exist anymore, and latest data of school is 2008. Boundaries problem is related to google map api update. It worked before but after update, it didn't work now. Resource problems, I found a codes for showing result on the map.

 Today, I will try to fix this. But I'm worried about database system. If I ruined server...It would be horrible. I backup database and I didn't edit asp, aspx files. Actually, I don't know how to get files and images from server to my computer. So I copied codes and paste on notepad, and make a same file on mine. But I don't know to bring images. Also, for safety, I need to test page to fix these errors I think. But I don't know this, too.  

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National mentoring month

This is an article written by Dan.

It is talking about tutor/mentor program.  Think about every under 25 boys and girls live in poverty area, will get a job for company, government or the other place need help. It would be great. For that, we need people who have a same dream. CEOs, Board members, policy makers, youth, volunteers, and program leaders. We need everyone. 

more details in here.

Engage Team In Informal Learning to Support Mentor Program Growth

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My Network

This is My Network map.

My family, High School friends, University Friends, Volunteer


 My father has a small company. It is related in radar for harbor traffic system. Our hometown is Busan, and this city is near by sea. My mother is a housewife. But she has a strong faith about Buddhism. She usually go to the temple, she has a network in there. My younger brother is a student in University of Busan. He has a same major as me. Since we moved in Busan in 2000, we've lived in there. So he has a lot of friends in Busan. My uncle work for Chevy, two of my cousins work for Samsung in Suwon, one is a highschool teacher in Seoul,  one works in China, one works in Japan. In my mother's side, one of the uncle retired in the army. one cousin is a university student in China.

My high school friends. Most of them are in Seoul now. They are university students. Seoul National University, Yeonse University, University of Seoul, Sejong University, Korea Aerospace University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

And all of us have a different major.

My university friends can be divided 2 parts.

One group is composed friends in same major, another is composed friends in travel club. Some of my friends in same major(computer engineering) hired by Samsung, CJ, Korean bank and so on. The others will study together with me in this year. Travel club is the club for every students in University, so I could meet a lot of students in many different majors. Actually, most of them are in mechanical engineering.

Volunteer friends, I met these friends during volunteering for music festivals. We love to volunteer for our favorite bands, so we met a lot. Sometimes, we met as volunteers, other times we met as guests or staffs in many festivals. We are in good relationship and they know the importance of volunteering and like it.


If you want to know me, I mean, if you need some more details about me, look at my intro.

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Network map


Hi! My name is Sunjoong Yoo.

This is my networking map.
Through this map, I can share my own idea with a great number of people.
Daniel explained to me that the power of this 'Network'.
By sharing some contents or ideas, we can meet 'Super hero' who can help our community.

If you want to download above image, then click below link. Thank you for your reading.


* Below link is my self-introduction.
If you want to know about me, then please click it.

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Self introduction

Hi! My name is Sunjoong Yoo from South Korea.

I’m an IT(Information Technology) Student in IIT and Ajou University.

I’m a junior in Ajou University which located in Suwon, South Korea. And During last semester, I studied in IIT which located in Chicago as an exchange student.

 My major (IT and Digital Media) covers lots of fields. It covers programming language, movie, game, broadcasting system and so on. And I’m interested in making movie clips. So I hope that this skill is helpful to my future internship and our T/MC.

 During this week, I watched some contents that done by past interns and I also watched some articles which related to T/MC’s work.

I was very impressed. I’ll do my best in next 6 weeks. Thank you.

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Introduce myself

Hi. My name is Byungkwan Jang from South Korea.

I studied IT in IIT during last semester, as a kind of exchange student. 

I and another intern Sunjoon started tutor/mentor internship two days ago.

We will do this internship in until mid of February.

This is my prezi to introduce myself.


I and other intern Sunjoong, we almost saw last intern's results.

They interpret last  results or Dan's reseults.

They use different programs for their products. 

Prezi, flash, utube video, gephy, and so on.

one of the examples.



flash :

gephy :

We consider to use new programs, such as, motion graphics, vizify or other stuffs.

Also, we thought there are a lot of words and contents in a scene in some prezi.

It reduces the readability i think. So we have to make them more simple.

Actually, I'm interested in map using by google API. So I'm waiting map developer's reply.

Now, we cannot use Program Locator. I thought it's very good and important for tutor/mentor.

So I wanna fix it if I can. 

And, this is my network map. If you are interested, click.

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