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rebuild project _ become a volunteer

Finally, I'm done my project. and  record voice on my project.


If you looking for some problems, I will try keep revised my project after my internship finished.


I'm so sad, time is too fast. Tomorrow is last day of internship work.


While I worked cabrini connections, I earned good experience and a lot of things.


The most interesting is that I met really good co-workers and president.


Thank you for giving me a chance to work together.


I will remember Cabrini connection and never forget everygthing.


Even though I am gonna leave in chicago, sometimes, I wish connect our website or facebook!


And If I have a chance to comeback in chicago, I will visit our company.


Thanks again, I will miss everything..............







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The Measure of a Mayor

The New York Times: "When voters go the polls Tuesday to pick Chicago's first new mayor since the 1980s, they can reflect on a lively campaign that featured topics ranging from education and crime to whether one of the mayoral hopefuls had smoked crack.


"But one issue dwarfs all the others: like most local and state governments, City Hall is facing a gaping budget deficit with few prospects for new revenue streams in the near future."


The true measure of the city's next mayor will not rest in the quality of his or her accounting skills.  As Paul Krugman rather lucidly pointed out in a recent New York Times column, budgets aren't about money (no matter how loud Republicans scream to the contrary), they're about priorities.  


The next mayor needs to realize this and frame the current budget crisis in a language that isn't primarily economic, but moral. In a moral-centric society, accounts accrued by the government to educate children; to ensure that everyone, regardless of his bank statement, has access to health care; to ensure that the streets are safe and that houses don't burn to the ground when they don't have to - these aren't considered expenses, but investments; not deficits, but duties. They're simply not amenable to a discussion that might take place in a shareholder's meeting.  


To quickly assess where the next mayor's priorities are, listen to his or her language.  The moment he or she starts aping party talking points like "fiscal responsibility" and "mortgaging the future," with no mention of cutting defense spending or raising corporate taxes even on companies whose pollution contributes to rising health care costs or the fact that the budget crisis is less a crisis in itself and more of an indicator of the real crises of education and unjust wealth distribution and disproportionate corporate influence on the democratic process, beware.


And remember the enduring words of John Maynard Keynes: "Instead of using their vastly increased material and technical resources to build a wonder city, the men of the nineteenth century built slums...[which] on the test of private enterprise, 'paid,' whereas the wonder city would, they thought, have been an act of foolish extravagance, which would, in the imbecile idiom of the financial fashion, have 'mortgaged the future'...The same rule of self-destructive financial calculation governs every walk of life."




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Project_final edition


Finally, I covered voice on this project. I have learned about flash for six weeks and experienced a lot of things.


Actually, tomorrow is last day of work. Thank you for accepting me and giving me a favor.


I will remember Cabrini connection and you forever. I hope you will not forget us "Jongseop" and "Inhee".


I am gonna leave here this friday. I have a plan to come back here to go to graduate school next year.


If I come back here, I will visit Cabrini connection again.


Good luck for your future, Cabrini connection and Stay well


Thanks again.



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rebuild project !!









 Finally, I'm done rebuild project :)

 Of course, I don't I can voice recording and action(part of 3 icons in flash).

 I will be revise some elements and connecting from flash file to our website.






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Cover flash with voice.


 Bradely halped me to record voice three days ago. I edit the voice by mp3 software and fix the volume and tune.


 In addition, I have modified flash time line to mach with voice. The process needs a delicate work.


 So I spent much time to complete this work.  Finally, I made it.


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Brainstormed Out

This morning in my Community Psychology class, one thing occurred to me: if I am to make a presentation regarding university involvement to actual universities, I will need to present it in an academic manner for it to be taken seriously.  The presentation would be much more effective if empirically supported, and if I could utilize the empirical data in a concise, powerful, yet user-friendly manner, the material would reach far more viewers.  After spending two hours in the Adler School library browsing their online catalouge of journals, I found several in the American Journal of Community Psychology that lend themselves to the topic I am concerned with.  I would link them here, but I am not sure I am allowed to due to copywrite regulations (as this site does not have subscriptions to those journals).  With these articles, my goal is to form both a detailed, written description of what T/MC does and why they do it, as well as why this program is needed, with all of the points being made backed up with empirical research data.  This data includes analysis of different types of mentoring programs, the effects that short term interventions have versus long term (T/MC strongly promotes long term commitment by all stake holders), and the different ways that empowerment comes into play during this process.


Along with this, I came up with a multitude of visualizations to demonstrate the powerful influence that T/MC can have on a system where individual programs competing with each other for resources and a voice is the norm.  I am excited about going through my brainstorming notes and finalizing some visual frameworks.



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Photo Album




Hi~ Long time no see. I have not posted any projects these days. Because, I have studied about flash deeply.


I learned an interesting skill which is dissolve function. So I made a Cabrini Connection Photo Album by dissolve function.

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Return of the Intern

During the blizzard of 2011, I was unable to come to the site in person, but that did offer me time to read over many articles on the Tutor/Mentor Connection website regarding the influence of university leaders and how they can impact an organization such as this one.  They also made me realize how much it makes sense for university involvement in programs that aid disadvantaged children through the school system, especially colleges that focus on social justice.  By assisting a child not only in Kindergarten or in high school, but through every stage of their schooling, that child will have a much better chance to enter into the college level of education and could therefore become a part of a model population of success involving education-based prevention in the society.  In future weeks, I will be working on a simpler visual graphic to better explain my thoughts on this topic, but in meeting some of the children and volunteers, I feel as though everyone involved with this program feels as though it is the best form of prevention of larger social issues involving crime and poverty.


My thoughts are slightly fleeting at the moment, as I have absorbed a lot of ideas since my last post, but I hope to interact more with the volunteers and the children tomorrow, and I will attempt to incorporate their ideals into my model of how this program is an essential piece of a social justice ideology, as those advantaged individuals come together to assist those less fortunate in the realm of school and mentoring.

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rebuild project_first




It is rebuild a 'Become a volunteer' project. This version is not finished yet. I'd like to revise the list below.


1. It is too fast. So, I will control displaying speedy.

2. I will add our(T/MC) logo/symbol, and then it could connect our website, if you click the symbol.


finally, after I finished these list, I will record voice for specific descriptions.


Could you give me an advice for my project? lol ...





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This is a graphic that I  posted on my blog last Friday. It's intended to illustrate how we want leaders and volunteers to develop strategies that not only say "we have a problem" but also say "go here" to learn more about the problem, and go here, and here" to choose organizations that you can support with time, talent and/or dollars.


Since most of the 300-plus members of this forum work with non profits and NGOs that need money to operate, the more people who visit this forum to learn what we each do, and to help us with resources, the greater will be our  ability to succeed in our work.


Thus, if every three months you send out an email or some other correspondence pointing to something that is going on in this forum, in Chicago, or in your own city/country, you can increase the number of people who hear this message and respond to it.


If we can teach our friends, volunteers, family, youth and others to also send such messages, we can dramatically increase the number of people who are learning ways to help us.


If we can teach media, celebrities, CEOs, ministers, elected officials, etc. to do this, they can draw more resources into high poverty neighborhoods on a consistent basis, and do more to help effective non profits and social services do good work in many places.


Anyone can take the role of teacher, or evangelist, to spread this message and help others accept it and adopt it. Give it a try.



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12637695674?profile=originalThis photo shows Mike Trakan with one of the maps he has created for Tutor/Mentor Connection since he joined us in Jan 2008. View the maps and read the articles he writes on the mappingforjustice blog

The T/MC received a $50,000 donation from an anonymous donor in Nov. 2007 which enabled us to hire Mike and rebuild our mapping capacity. We used this money to also create aninteractive program locator where you can create your own map.

We depleted all of the funds from this grant in early 2009 and have been organizing events like theTutor/Mentor Jamconcert to raise money and encourage more people to use the maps. 


We need help finding another angel investor who will help us continue this mapping. Please forward this story to people in your network who might help us find such a donor.



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