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EveryBody, Thank you So far.

I and Peter have done our projects after all. I feel so grateful to you guys. We didn't give you anything

But you gave us so many things. I don't know how to thank you enough.

Even though we come back to Korea, I would miss you guys and the time when we have had before.

Dan(Boss) and Toni, Bradly, El, Nicloe, Jordan, Mike, E, Emily and other students.

it's short time to be with you, but It was good experience to learn a lot.

And the Gift for us was so awesome !! I will use the bag in the Korea!

I've left the source files about the project. which make the next inern students understand how to organize

the code and what the project is.

And my favorite Email that I usually use in Korea is (Korea email)

I would guess the next intern student might have difficulty to do project because it's not easy to learn.

So I will leave my email so that they can ask for some advices.

ByeBye Everybody

-KUDO, PLP Student of 2009 fall

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T/MC Goal Presentation

I finished the T/MC Goal Presentation which can be played on Adobe Flash player. I attached the file. I've learned about Adobe Flash, since last month. So, I have a lack of skills. But, I hope that this presentation will be helpful to the Cabrini. Goal.swf

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Ash Wednesday

The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) called for the renewal of Lent, recovering its ancient baptismal character. This recovery was significantly advanced by the restoration of the catechumenate mandated by the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (1972). As Catholics have increasingly interacted with catechumens in the final stage of their preparation for Baptism, they have begun to understand Lent as a season of baptismal preparation and baptismal renewal.

Since Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, it naturally is also beginning to recover a baptismal focus. One hint of this is the second formula that is offered for the imposition of ashes: "Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel." Though it doesn't explicitly mention Baptism, it recalls our baptismal promises to reject sin and profess our faith. It is a clear call to conversion, to that movement away from sin and
toward Christ that we have to embrace over and over again through our lives.

As the beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday calls us to the conversion journey that marks the season. As the catechumens enter the final stage of their preparation for the Easter sacraments, we are all called to walk with them so that we will be prepared to renew our baptismal promises when Easter arrives.

Renewing our sense of who we really are before God is the core of the Lenten experience. It is so easy to forget, and thus we fall into habits of sin, ways of thinking and living that are contrary to God's will. In this we are like the Ninevites in the story of Jonah. It was "their wickedness" that caused God to send Jonah to preach to them. Jonah resisted that mission and found himself in deep water. Rescued by a large fish, Jonah finally
did God's bidding and began to preach in Nineveh. His preaching obviously fell on open ears and hearts, for in one day he prompted the conversion of the whole city. From the very beginning of Lent, God's word calls us to conversion. If we open our ears and hearts to that word, we will be like the Ninevites not only in their sinfulness but also in their conversion to the Lord. That, simply put, is the point of Ash Wednesday!

Ash Wednesday is taking away the broken, damaged, and hurt in our lives and bringing forth the good. I use the 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter as a way to renew myself through others. I find a great sense of joy and accomplishment when I spend my time helping others. Like most I find the year to go by in a blink of an eye, I want to help others but I find that I can never find "enough" time to help. I believe during the weeks in between Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Easter give me the time to be able to give to my community. I make an obligation to myself and an organization during those 40 days to give back.

Organizations such as Cabrini Connections are always looking for volunteers and regular donations. If you are looking for ways in which to get back involving students please visit our website at If you are not from Chicago and would still like to find a Tutor/Mentor program near you please visit

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Two-Week Report #2

Four-weeks ago I started my internship at Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connections. Cabrini Connections is a non-profit organization designed to enrich and further develop the lives of students who live in low-income neighborhoods such as Cabrini Green. They do this by providing tutor/mentor programs for these students after hours, which not only provides alternate learning opportunities but keeps these students out of trouble. At my internship my job is to promote the organization further through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, volunteer forums, etc. Through this I will help expand others’ knowledge of Cabrini Connections, get people to either donate or volunteer at Cabrini, as well as increase my own knowledge of certain social media outlets.These two-weeks I have been focusing on correlating day to day news with Cabrini Connections and promoting upcoming events we are having. As the days go on I am starting to find more ways to promote Cabrini Connections and figure out which methods are more effective in getting people’s attention. For instance it has come to my attention that Facebook has been an effective way of getting people to acknowledge Cabrini Connections’ efforts in developing the lives of students living in low-income housing.During this internship my duties will not change, I have one goal and that is to promote Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection through social media tactics. During these two-weeks though I had some leverage in that I could track the number of views on my blog versus the past 2 weeks, while also being able to track how many new people joined the Cabrini Connections/Tutor Mentor Connection group and the Cabrini Connection cause on Facebook.Within the past two-weeks I am proud to say that my blog traffic jumped from 5 views to 20 views, the Cabrini Connections group increased in 39 people, and the cause group from Facebook increased in 22 people. The increases from the Cabrini Connections group and the cause were due to the fact that I invited all my friends on Facebook asking them to view the cause and if they felt compelled to, become a member of the cause and/or group. I was very pleased with the turnout and hope that as the weeks go on that more people start joining these groups to learn more about what we’re doing at Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection.Currently, the easiest thing about my internship is writing the blogs. The most difficult part about the internship is figuring out what to write about. I want to write things that people will want to read, things that people will find interesting, so that it entices others to read them. I believe that if I write things in a way that resonates with people they will be more likely to either donate to or volunteer at Cabrini Connections. I have shown some progress towards that goal the past several weeks, I can gather that due to the statistics I pulled from each of the sites. I do hope that more people start reading my blogs, as I hope that as a result of my blog someone decides to become a part of the solution and help Cabrini Connections cause.
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Hi. this is project which is inserted sound effect.

Hi.. I would attach the file on the comment.

It took one week that I have inserted the sound effect. it's too complicate to explain it.

That is, there are two parts that are my project and Peter project. But when I have inserted two parts, it's messed up. I didn't find it out after all. as you see the file, you can check just Peter part Sound.

Which means I can insert the sound of my part without Peter part sound.

If you have good idea, let me know

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This video was created last week. The announcer is E Wilson, an intern from Loyola University Chicago, who writes a blog on this site. The video was created by Bradley Troast, who is our Northwestern University Public Interest Program Fellow for 2009-10. He's also a member of this group.

The video features volunteers from Cabrini Connections who are tutors/mentors and are helping raise money needed.

This is another demonstration of how interns from colleges and universities can help non profits spread the news of the good work they do, to attract additional volunteers and donors to help.

Show this to universities and non profits in your own community and encourage them to duplicate these ideas with a focus on their own community.


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This is a graphic created by Jawon Koo, an intern from IIT who has been with Cabrini Connections Tutor/Mentor Connection for about 3 weeks. It's part of an animation, converting a T/MC article into another format that we hope will create greater understanding, and thus more response. Jawon is working with another intern, Eunsoo Lee. In a couple of days there should be a new version of this to review.

The purpose of the blogs, web site, and forum is to share ideas, and to build greater public awareness, so that tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and around the country are more consistently supported by volunteers, donors, media, etc.

Creating public awareness is difficult. Yet if we're creative about it, we have some opportunities.

What if teams of students from universities and high schools all over the world were each converting one of the T/MC essays into an animation, and were submitting their work to this forum, where we could devote a group space to showing how each team has interpreted our idea? We could create a panel of judges, and recognize one project as a national, or international champion. All of the projects would be available to any user, to help them educate leaders in their own community, to provide more consistent support to their own youth.

Faculty from several universities are on this forum. What do you think? Could you recruit teams of students from design and art and journalism schools to do projects like our interns have been doing? It would be a great teaching and learning opportunity, as well as a way to create low-cost public visibility for the work we're all doing.

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Fundraiser Challenge at Galway Arms

Starting today Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection is proposing the first of many fundraisers for Cabrini Madness to come.

This fundraiser in particular will be a challenge to see which team of kids, volunteers, staff members, board members, and friends and family of Cabrini Connection can raise the most money. To celebrate our efforts and the money we fundraised for the Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor cause we will host a bar night.

So, round up all your friends, family, and co-workers and start fundraising for a cause that is looking to help improve students' future lifestyles. Those who fundraise the most will receive a prize.

To enter our celebration it will cost $40 at the door for all you can drink, beer, wine, mixed drinks, and appetizers. So, start fundraising and don't forget to meet us on Friday, March 12 at 7pm at Galway Arms.

See you there!

*For more information on Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection please visit our website at

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For 16 years Cabrini Connections has been hosting the Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference all over Chicago. This year I am proud to say that our 31st conference will be held at Loyola Universitys Lakeshore campus. This biannual conference is part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality and availability of tutor/mentor programs in areas of Chicago with high concentrations of poverty. Through the Internet, this conference connects program leaders and supporters in Chicago with people and ideas across the country and the globe. View Tutor/Mentor Connection Strategy Map.

The Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) first held the conference in 1994 after a survey of Chicago area programs revealed that more than half had little or no contact with other programs. Based on positive response from the first conference, T/MC decided to host a second conference in the same year, which attracted nearly 200 attendees.

Since then T/MC has continued to host the Conference twice a year and believes that the event can grow to more than 500 participants. As Social Networking capacities have grown on the Internet, the T/MC has added on-line forums to encourage conference participants and others who cannot attend the Chicago conferences to connect and collaborate on-line.

The next conference will be held May 27th and 28 will help expand your network allowing you to connect to other leaders in the area. This is a great way to connect with others while learning more about tutor/mentor programs in your area.

If you are interested in being a speaker at this event or just attending the event please visit

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New York Group Arrives with More Food and Tents: Richard Laurent, Haitian-American supporter from NY, and a few other fellows just arrived at Maranatha via the DR for their 2nd humanitarian trip. They brought 60+ tents, donated by individuals in NY, as well as by Tent City. Thanks to the New Yorker’s for providing our Haitian neighbors with a home! Richie also filled the bus with more than 1,000 lbs. of food. Crossing from the DR was difficult this time, as the border patrol are now regularly shaking down folks bringing in humanitarian aid. A couple of tents were sacrificed to this process.

Moving Children to Safer Location: Today we are moving our children to our friend’s facility, called Children’s International Lifeline (CIL) near Arcahaie, up in the mountains. Don Curtis is the CEO of this Christian NGO that feeds 2,000 kids a day, in 8 schools and a dozen feeding stations. Donald’s parents are presently living at the facility. Don called and said “Mom….I just had 30 babies, and they’re all coming to stay with You!” It’s about 15 miles northeast of Maranatha, although you must drive thru Cabaret, so it seems like 100 miles. CIL does not usually house children, but is set up as a missionary destination, trade school, medical clinic, pastoral training center, and worship site. It is equipped with American amenities. Our kids are going to think they’ve gone to the Ritz Carlton! See more about CIL in this link:

CIL has agreed to house the children, and 5 of their caretakers, until such time as we can rebuild our facility, roll-up into another organization, or evacuate to the US. This temporary arrangement is a blessing beyond anything we could have imagined. Every mother knows the burden of asking a neighbor to watch her children for one evening. Imagine asking for months of babysitting! It was difficult for me to request, but Don Curtis is a Godly and gracious man, loves the poor, and gladly made arrangements to accommodate us. His mom is excited, as well.

Food/Water at the School: We have sufficient food for a couple of weeks. Remember that we traditionally fed about 150 kids daily, and the Source Matelas families depend upon us as the only meal for those kids. We will continue to feed the school children, and share with the village what we can. Mike and Bryan have registered with several NGOs, and hopefully a regular supply of food will be flowing shortly.

School Activities: Maurice (The Orphanage and School Director) is anxious to begin some type of academic work immediately, even if it must be done in the street. He is concerned about the massive disruption in the kids’ routines. He is figuring out how a make-shift operation can be conducted that is away from our treacherous building to avoid the dangers of collapse.

Delegation from New Orleans: Arrives today. This group of 7, called the Emergency Village Project, part of the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation, are a collection of city-planning, surveying, community organizing, construction, medical and infrastructure professionals who learned the hard way that citizens only have themselves to rely upon for rebuilding. Their group now travels around the globe to disaster sites, helping local communities create sustainable, permanent infrastructure and communities FROM DAY ONE. No tent cities; no trailers. They have a model which brings villages “out of the hole” with the collaboration of Louisiana professionals and 100% local labor. They will determine whether Maranatha in Source Matelas are the perfect village to perhaps bull-doze and start fresh. They will be meeting with Mike today. You can read more about their intentions here:

Evacuation Status: The Idaho group and their impulsive disaster seems to have intimidated some of our politicians. However, we must remind and educate them on the HUGE difference between ourselves and other “orphanages”: We are ALREADY the licensed guardians of these registered kids. Our kids are not “new” orphans, but we have been legally responsible and providing for them for years. This distinguishing difference must be continually brought to the forefront of every conversation. I’m feeling like Moses these days: Let my people Go!

If you feel at all compelled to give please visit

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Lowest voter turnout in four years.

Board of Elections says Illinois primary elections yesterday was the lowest turnout than in previous years. With outrage over the recession, corruption, crushing deficits and endless partisan bickering one would assume there would of been a flood of voters casting their ballots. Instead that flood turned into a trickle. City officials estimated that Chicago turnout was 26 percent. Thats the lowest voter turnout since four years ago when Rod Blagojevich was seeking his second term as governor.The information above is unfortunate, sad, and disturbing. Do people in Illinois not care about their community enough to take 10...20 minutes out of their day to vote? The primary elections are just as important as all other elections yet this time around no one cared to show up. One should care that their is a financial crisis in their city enough to try and do something about it. So, what does this turnout mean exactly? Does it mean that the people of Illinois are lazy? Or that they just don't care about what happens to their neighborhoods, streets, schools and/or taxes?If people are too lazy to vote or don't care enough to vote does this mean that they don't care enough to give some of their time and money to help out non profits? Non profits who help make their community better! I'm concerned that by this past voter turnout that its foreshadowing the lack of effort people are going to put forth in their community. We need you to care, we need you to help, we need you to have hope. If you have hope and you put an effort to help change our community it will happen.At Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection, it is our mission to help. We provide a structured environment for students living in low-income housing during after-school hours to ensure they get the help, attention, and love that they need. We want to see these students succeed just like you would like to see your own children succeed. By donating your time or money to Cabrini Connections you are helping to ensure a better future for our community. These children are the future. Don't sell their future short because you were too lazy. You can make a difference today...Are you ready?
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Second Project to Den

Hi. Den. This is my second project which has been made for 1 weeks. I didn't insert the effect of sound yet.But I made the other things like buttons and Picture which was animated and explanation each event.So you told us we have to connect my project with Peter's project by pushing some button. right?I need to hear your opinion. See you soon.EventYear.swf
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Below is an email from Lynda Russo-Jones updating us on our efforts in Source Matelas, Haiti. If you in anyway feel compelled to help please visit the Life For the World website at you.The nuclear-powered ship USS Carl Vinson with its crew of 4,000 “green sailors” performed 13 air drops to the village of Source Matelas today at the beseeching of the Maranatha Orphanage staff. The majority of the sailors onboard had never been to sea prior to January 10, 2010. This Super Carrier with its 4.5 acre flight deck can be seen in operation mode on this short video from the US Navy News website: morning started when I telephoned Mike out of bed with a terse “get up, dude….the military wants to help”. Within 15 MINUTES, their first chopper had landed.Today’s drop included the cooperation of 15 armed sailors, Mike Fedele, Bryan Hutcheson, and a group of 15 Haitian men who regularly work with us in our village. Choppers dropped approximately ½ mile from the orphanage. It was the largest military food drop to date in Haiti, yet was the most orderly they have experienced (according to the XO in charge). There was a significant amount of press, including the Navy’s own video personnel, so I’m looking forward to seeing the footage once they make it available. Mike Fedele’s mastery of Haitian Creole proved invaluable. Bryan Hutcheson’s mastery of military procedure (aside from the fact that he out-ranked everybody on the ground), was crucial to the success of the operation. They delivered food and water to feed over 5,000 people, as well as badly needed tents.Sadly, as the last helicopter was pulling away, the crowd pressed in and one Haitian young man was trampled to death. Bryan attempted resuscitation without success. Mike said by the time they were leaving, he could hear the wails of the young man’s family. In the midst of our joy, American pride, gratefulness and praise to God, we are saddened by this loss. Please pray for his mother’s broken heart.RE: UN Registration: Today we “registered” with the UN, Unicef, and another American/Haitian governmental office which supposedly will monitor the regular food deliveries to all orphanages. This was done in the massive tent city area you see off the end of the PAP airport runway, where these crazy tent-offices have been set up. This whole concept is so ironic, since we’ve been a “registered” licensed facility for over 7 years, yet have NEVER ONCE had a governmental visit of any sort.Re: Orphans: Mike has asked me to arrange for immediate removal of the kids from our site. He believes the structural situation is too treacherous to continue inhabiting the yard. Tomorrow I will arrange for another orphanage, about 60 miles away (some of you have been to WM#2’s place), to take our kids and 10 of their caretakers, until such time as the ultimate evacuation to America, or rebuilding of our facilities, can be achieved. Please pray that God will soften the heart of other orphanage director of whom I will make this daunting request in the morning. God moved mountains this morning, and I trust he’ll help me move a few kids 60 miles.
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It takes a village!

Building awareness requires a consistent message. Interns at Cabrini Connections like Emily Gunn, E Wilson, and I write blogs and connect through social media realms in order to help continually spread the message of helping tutor/mentor students in low-income neighborhoods. We send out messages through different sources in hopes that people like you read them and feel compelled to help.Using that same concept every year we use the same annual calendar that help builds awareness, donors, and volunteers involvement in tutor/mentor programs in the Chicagoland area. As you can see above our next big event is in May where we have our Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference in Chicago where three major things happen:1. It connects leaders and supporters of volunteer-based tutoring, mentoring and education-to-career programs with each other.2. It also builds visibility so that more volunteers and donors will choose to support tutor/mentor programs in the Chicago region3. Helps T/MC maintain its Chicago Area Programs List of area tutor/mentor programsIf you are interested in joining the Cabrini Connections team this would be the perfect opportunity to see where you fit in and how you would like to participate. To discuss your involvement you can email . Also, if you know of any friends or family members who would be interested in helping out our cause by either volunteering, donating, or even spreading the word, please send them to our website at every little bit helps. It takes a village to help and be effective, so help join the village and become apart of the Cabrini Connections solution!
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