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Hello everybody, I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who helped out and attended our 2008 November Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference. It was great putting faces with all the names of people who I had been in contact with over the phone and internet.Anyway, I JUST posted a blog post on the conference at my blog http://nicolecabrini.blogspot.comIf you wrote about the conference in your blog, let me know!
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Holiday communications panel follow up

Thanks for having me out! I got a ride back to the office with Shane from AUSL--turned out we had a geogrphy connection, she lived for 5 years near where I grew up.... and I learned that she and her husband are jazz fans! So consider us connected, thanks to Dan, Cassina, Nicole et al.One thing that stuck with me after the panel based on what folks said and our own experience: Use Facebook to recuirt people to go drinking for a good cause. That's a winner, for sure (thank you, Jane from East Village Youth Programs and Cassina from Tutor Mentor). .Plus I'll be looking at Cassina's blog!
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