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The Kuria Community in Kenya Need Water

Due to the recurring droughts and chronic water shortages in many areas, communities pay an increasingly high price for water the lack of water. Groundwater resources are crucial for communities particularly during the dry season and in large arid zones. We needy your support to support them. Anyone with an Idea? This photo show the hostility, this community endures in search of this pressures commodity.

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on September 18, 2012 at 3:00pm

Take a look at the presentations done by Interns working with me in Chicago.  I encourage you to try to recruit youth from schools and youth programs in Africa, Europe and North America who would create visual presentations talking about water problems in Kenya and other countries. In each of these teach them to end with a "call to action" page where people are encouraged to learn  more, get more people involved, give time and give money.   Young people can learn skills while doing these projects, learn about the issues, and have a direct impact on bringing more people to help solve the problem.  As youth do such presentations post them here. Or create a workspace here to coach interns to do this work.

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