Internship Reflection

         When I came here for work as a intern, I was a little bit confused because all things in here were not familiar and all things I do look like awkward. However, the more time I spent here, everything in here was getting comfortable. Through this internship, I learned lots of things. First of all, I learned how to working process going in America. My initial purpose of coming here is to get to know America’s culture. At this aspect, I think I achieve that. Secondly, by working here, because Tutor/Mentor Connection is Non-Profit Organization, I could know how to help other students a little bit by Tutoring and Mentoring. Also, while I working in here, most of works that I did were making something to animation or video. There upon, I could improve my computer skills and I learned how to use one program, clearly.

         On the top of that, making decision for my future is come to easier. Before I came to USA, my ultimate purpose was experience America’s culture as I said earlier. The reason for that is I have wanted to transfer to America and settle my life in here. However, I actually cannot be sure about life in America before I came here. Consequently, when I look back my internship experience and classes that I took in here, I think America is nice to live in. Anyway, I will always remember all things happened in here and learned in here. In addition, I would like to say this to next PLP students that wherever you will have an internship, you will learn something. However, if you want to learn something about volunteering and doing computer works through your internship, I am sure that T/MC is going to be best choice for your internship. You would never regret your choice.

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