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I have worked at Tutor/Mentor Connection for six weeks where is a non-profit organization for anyone who wants to help inner city youth connect with extra adult tutors and mentors. Even if it could be short time, it was very long time to me. Because I learned American culture as well as computer skills during that time.

First, I knew American culture especially company culture. I knew how to communicate with my boss and work promptly. Furthermore, I have worked with co-worker and realized again that cooperative activity is essential to effective work. For instance, we have to send invitations to millions of people in order to invite congratulation dinner party. From putting a letter in an envelope to posting a stamp, all work is done manually. To finish quickly, we cut the pie up the task to share it, so we can end easily.

In addition, I could begin to pay attention to graphic. Though my major is related to IT, I have no opportunity to design graphic. But my primary responsibility is to make something that helps people to understand easier. I usually create one or several pages of presentation file and image after viewing an article posted at blog. To make creation, I need to read carefully and summarize on my words. And it was represented by new form.  While I worked, I’m interested in infographic which is very useful tool. Because in traditional way to represent information, data was usually expressed by a variety of numeric and text-only. Infographic can help people to understand information easier in new nontraditional ways to use graphics, easy to identify, clear, simple, fun. Also, another form, animation is very helpful to give information to people. I created several animations. One is to encourage people to donate to keep organization. Another is to explain company’s system of maintenance.

As a result of internship, I learn more than I expected. So it’s very special time to me.



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  • Thanks for the work you have done. I really would encourage you to take some classes in marketing, design, etc. and build on your graphic communications skills. You could turn this into a good career.

    I hope other interns will read the intern blog at and see work Sam, Minsub and others have been doing this year and in past years. This is an opportunity I'd like to extend to many. You don't need to work from our office in Chicago. You can see how I coach Sam and others via this Ning site.
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