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Example of Program Locator with zoom featureThe Interactive Chicago Tutor/Mentor Program Locator was created with layers of information that could be turned on and off by map-users so they could create a map-story that shows where tutor/mentor programs are needed, and who should be helping.  The map shown here is one where the community area boundaries are turned "on" and where poverty levels are also turned "on".  

In this animation, click on the "boundaries" tab and see how the Program Locator was intended to work.  Since late 2013 all features that had boundaries, such as zip code, community area, cities, political districts, etc. do not work. This was caused by an upgrade by Google to a newer version.  

Below are notes posted by Byungkwan Jang, a Jan-Feb Intern from IIT and South Korea, who has been looking at the code to see if he can make these features work properly again.  If you are reading this and understand how this works, and can volunteer to help, please introduce yourself.

The Now, I'm trying to fix boundaries part.

Select any one of the Following Boundaries by check the check box
 Chicago Community Areas

It has 3 boundaries. County, Community Areas, Zipcode.

I don't know what happened when it works.

12637701496?profile=originalD. Bassill NOTE: There aren't many screenshots.  This one shows the North section of the city when the community area layer is turned "on". 

There are three sections to the Program Locator (shown in tabs across the top of the page. From left to right these are Interactive Map, Asset Map and Government Map. 

In each section, layers need to be turned on to create a map view. Thus in the map below from the Government Map section, Illinois Legislative districts are shown.

In the drop down menu for each of the boundary sections, a drop down menu, listing all commun12637702292?profile=originality areas, all zip codes, all political districts, etc. enables the map-user to choose a single area. When that is done the map zooms into that featured area.  This is not working now.

I think, if I edit xml files of  community areas, then it can make sense.

If we click county box, 3 boxes appear.  Is it county, right? 

Or is it wrong outlines for county?

Zipcode, it didn't work. But, drawing line principle would be similar.

If I can fix community areas part or county part, maybe I can also fix zipcode part.

I looked the code.

function displayChicago().

There are checkboxChicago, chkElgin, chkAurora, chkWaukegan.

However, on the website, I cannot see those checkboxes.

If those checkbox were checked, function hide other polygroups.

so we can only see what we checked. 

settimeout() function request to server in set time. So it can show us 4 or 5 groups.

loadChicago() means load chicago information. These are important functions in displaychicago().

After looking this, I focused on trying to find part of showing community area part in Assetmap.

On assetmap page, it appear automatically, but assetmap-test page, I cannot see it automatically.

So I tried to comparison those 2 codes. Every codes were almost same and finished same line. I read 

more than 3 times until 1751 line(end line) but cannot find.. I will try that again tomorrow then I can

get a clue, I think..

12637701697?profile=originalDbassill Note: Another feature that was working up until about 3 months ago was a zoom feature. Note the magnifying glass in the upper left corner. We were able to drag that over a section of the map and get an enlarged version of that section of the map.


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