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Hello again and welcome to Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0 Part 2. I hope you took some time to read Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0, if not that's ok because for my next couple of blogs I will be picking apart the text discussing what I believe to be the highlights of the article. In this blog in particular I will be discussing the two categories that make up philanthropy which are capital and the enterprises. If you are interested in following along I will be covering pages 12-14.

The capital side

In short the capital side consists of showing where all the revenue for the organization is coming in.
1. Individual donations
2. philanthropic grants
3. social, mission, and program related investment funds
4. government dollars
5. fees for service
6. product sales
7. All of the financial products for donors
8. Vendors who sell these products
9. Back-office support providers to these structures
10. Online giving marketplace

The enterprise side

Coming up with new ways in which to promote the non profit organization and to make changes.
For example:

Market-based enterprises such as B Corporations are becoming low-profit limited liability companies which help non profit organizations with their cause.

Volunteering also makes a change. They make a difference in our communities but are sadly designed to be "here today and gone tomorrow." It is believed that by using technology non profit organizations can derive a lot of volunteers off of "flash" causes. In last August alone Water raised $2,500 in 90 minutes through Twitter. If non profits could utilize this kind of "flash" cause on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. a lot of change could be done. Cabrini Connections though is already on sites such as these.

So, now that you are done reading my blog go on Facebook and check out our group (Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection) and see how you can help out the cause to better the students of today.

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