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Today I started reading "Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0" it's an article which offers a broad view of how philanthropy and the organizations supported by it, will change in the coming years. Since this is a dense article consisting of 55 pages I will post my thoughts in sections. The next few blogs that I will post about the article "Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0" are my interpretations of what the author is saying. I am not saying that my opinions are right or wrong but I would like to invite you to read my thoughts on this article. In this post I will talk about reproducibility, remixability, and the availability of information. This section is located on the middle of page 9 to page 11.

Since the boom of the internet era there has been more of a negative impact than a positive. Yes, you can order food, clothes, and music online from the comfort of your own home without stepping out the door, but is that really benefiting you in the end? Industries as a result of the internet are fundamentally failing. The article in particular pointed out the music business as an example of an up-incoming failing business stating that "in a recent review of consumer behavior in 16 countries found that 95% of all music accessed on the internet is done so without any payment to the artists." Recording now isn't enough to bring in enough revenue and artists are having to find alternative ways to pull in income. This is a sad phenomena in that by creating a product (the internet) which was intended to be so beneficial is in end becoming more of a hassle and have more of a negative impact then anything else. Newspapers are now as a result of the internet becoming a dying business as well. When the internet begun in the 1980's businesses were eager to get their product on the internet. Businesses such as newspapers did not look into their business model enough to realize that putting their product on the internet for free will in the long run cause financial instability. Sadly, as a result of the lack of foresight newspapers are currently fighting for their survival.

This technology is not only changing companies business models but also how people interact daily. A perfect example from the article was an explanation of how you would meet a friend in a place you have never been before. "You probably set a time and a place and left it at that. Odds are that you did two of those things via text message, email, or cell phone. You may have mapped the address using a website or GPS technology, possibly while you were on your way to the meeting. When it became clear that you were going to be late, you called your friend to let her know when you'd be showing up." These sequential actions are ongoing from the moment we wake up till we go to bed, changing how we interact with people. By interacting with people constantly through technology are we setting ourselves up for failure? Studies have shown that with too much technology use can come social isolation. People can bury themselves to a point where they become "socially awkward" and don't know how to function without a cell phone, computer screen, or a ipod in front of them.

This type of behavior change in the long run could turn out one of two ways for Cabrini Connections, Tutor Mentor Connections, and other philanthropic based organizations. As a non-profit organization our goals are to not only get a consistent revenue base but to get volunteers as well. The money received is not helpful if we don't have volunteers and vice versa the volunteers are not going to be much of help if we don't have money to keep our organization running. Organizations such as Cabrini Connections are here to help address the complex social failings that the government cannot seem to fix. These organizations are benefitting our communities so, why not help better our community?

So, either get off your computer and write a check or come visit us at www.tutormentorconnection.org and see how you can be apart of the change.

See you there.

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