Cabrini Madness Strikes

This is a post a long time in coming, but due to illness and other academic related stresses, I have not been able to make mention of the fund-raising team that I am on.  My team is comprised of both staff and volunteers, and it is a part of the Cabrini Madness fund-raising event.  It's one of many fun ways that the staff and volunteers here come together and try to raise money to support the on-going efforts of this organization as it strives to address the academic challenges facing many children living in communities of lower socioeconomic status.

I encourage you, even if you do not wish to donate, to at least check out the organization's website, and perhaps there are others that you know that would love to help out those in need.


PS.  My team is in last place, and is in desperate need of some support!

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  • That was the reason for this particular post, so I could link to it and that people would have access to all of the basic information and start talking and asking questions.  Worst case, people may get introduced to this blog site and learn about the organization that way.
  • What places do you network and connect with friends, family, college buddies, etc?  Do you follow blogs in the Trib or Rockford papers?  Look for places like those to post this message so that more people who know you are able to read what you're saying and respond. If enough of us do this the network will grow because of the way we're all constantly introducing it to new people.
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