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Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference

May 29- 30, 2008

I attend to the conference for 2days. I had attended 3 conferences while I was in the work shop.
The first one was the "panal of tutor/Mentor program Leaders share strategies, challenges of different program"
There were lots of people from other countries. hearing peoples opinion,they had a great feeling about the volunteers and the donors. They had talked that showing the outcome of the student will help the people who wantes to donate to the T/MC. like showing the GPA of the university or the measurement of somthing they had achieved with their donation.
the second conference that I had attended was "Tutoring/Mentoring Networking and Collaboration in South-Southwest Suburbs of Chicago". This conference was especially for the male. the presentation they had shown told me the graduation of male was lower than the females. It needs more program about the male. Especially in south-southwest Surburbs of Chicago. They had found that men of color has difficult to express themselves by saying like "I need help, I am Sorry, I need love".So they had made some program for them and achieved a great success.
The third conference I had attend was "Discussion of mentoring and Tutoring Strategies within a YMCA, Boys & Girls club or youth center". In this conference they had talked about to thing big.We need to look other thing not only one thing of the person. Without wearing colored glasses we need to find out the students telent and make it.
Finally, as I thought about the conference, It was a great experience. I had talked a lot with people. I was glad they had interested in Korea and asked lot of question through the break time. All the person that had attend had an open heart. So I could get near to them. And I got much more understood with the Tutor/mentoring program.

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