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This morning in my Community Psychology class, one thing occurred to me: if I am to make a presentation regarding university involvement to actual universities, I will need to present it in an academic manner for it to be taken seriously.  The presentation would be much more effective if empirically supported, and if I could utilize the empirical data in a concise, powerful, yet user-friendly manner, the material would reach far more viewers.  After spending two hours in the Adler School library browsing their online catalouge of journals, I found several in the American Journal of Community Psychology that lend themselves to the topic I am concerned with.  I would link them here, but I am not sure I am allowed to due to copywrite regulations (as this site does not have subscriptions to those journals).  With these articles, my goal is to form both a detailed, written description of what T/MC does and why they do it, as well as why this program is needed, with all of the points being made backed up with empirical research data.  This data includes analysis of different types of mentoring programs, the effects that short term interventions have versus long term (T/MC strongly promotes long term commitment by all stake holders), and the different ways that empowerment comes into play during this process.


Along with this, I came up with a multitude of visualizations to demonstrate the powerful influence that T/MC can have on a system where individual programs competing with each other for resources and a voice is the norm.  I am excited about going through my brainstorming notes and finalizing some visual frameworks.



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Comment by Bradley Troast on February 18, 2011 at 5:16pm
I like the sound of this, too. We still need to sit down sometime, but I'm glad to hear that you're making progress. Will you be in on Tuesday? I should be here until at 6pm. Wednesdays and Thursdays are busy for me because we are preparing for tutoring sessions in the evening.
Comment by Daniel Bassill on February 16, 2011 at 10:35am
Joseph, this sounds exciting.  Take a look at this link, which is a section of the T/MC Links library where I point to web sites with information and articles about social capital.  What you might do to overcome potential copywrite regulations is post links to places where these journals host the articles, or where they have summary pages on the internet. By aggregating links to a specific topic we make this available to all site visitors and enable them to be doing their own thinking and brainstorming at the same pace or faster than we do.

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