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The goal of the Tutor/Mentor Connection, and this group, is to encourage the growth of high-quality, mentor rich, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs operating in high poverty areas.  We support this in Chicago with a map-based directory, with events that intended to draw attention of potential volunteers and with a library of information.


I've set up this group with the goal of enlisting more involvement from members in this site in August/September volunteer recruitment efforts.


To start the thinking I'm going to post some links to articles and information that anyone might use to expand their own volunteer-recruitment efforts. I encourage you to add your own articles.


Volunteer-Recruitment Strategies shared on Tutor/Mentor Institute site


Corporate Social Responsibility links and articles from T/MC Library


Value of Volunteering article from Lumina site in UK

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Imagine how much more successful programs would be if business, media, philanthropy, etc. were using their own communications tools to help youth serving organizations throughout a city attract volunteers, students, ideas, and the talent needed to manage the process.

That's the goal of graphics like this, which you can see inthis blog article.    In this articleyou can find another graphic, that organizes articles business leaders might read to strengthen their commitment to support volunteer based tutor/mentor programs as a strategy for supporting current employees, while developing future employees and customers. 

While this Ning group has been pretty inactive, I'm still using it as an archive, showing what the Tutor/Mentor Connection did in past years to help build and sustain volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in Chicago.  These are actions that new leaders could learn from and borrow to launch new campaigns with similar goals, in Chicago, or in other cities.  Today I've uploaded to my Drive final reports from August/September Chicagoland Tutor/Mentor Volunteer Recruitment Campaigns held each year from 1995-2003.  View them here.    While the T/MC did not host recruitment campaign events like these after 2003,  it continued to share the library of Chicago youth organizations in a searchable on-line directory, and use the internet and traditional media to draw attention, volunteers and donors to programs on this list every year through 2015.  


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