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Since 1993 volunteers and a few donors have helped me create a mapping capacity that I use to show where volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs are located, and where they are most needed. The interactive map can be searched and you can zoom into block sized areas. Unfortunately it takes time, talent and dollars to keep this updated.

While I look for that help, I'm trying to develop another capacity. In the programs I've led since 1975 more than 5,000 volunteers and a similar number of youth have been involved for 1 to 40 years. That's right. The boy in 4th grade who I first tutored in 1973 is still connected to me via social media. A volunteer who started in 1970 is still a tutor in Chicago.

Imagine if we could create a vast reunion where all of the people who have been involved in one, or more, volunteer-based programs were encouraged to identify themselves? What if they could place a pin on the map to show where the program was that they were involved with? Maybe there would be more than one?  If such a map also had links to Twitter, Facebook, Debategraph, and wiki collaboration forums, perhaps some of the people who have had their lives transformed through mentoring could become leaders, voters, policy makers and mega-philanthropists supporting the operations of current and future tutor/mentor programs all over the world.

Below are two maps from portals created to support collaborative actions.

Global Citymap

Jelly Week map -

If I can find a team of volunteers we can do a Jelly Week project and create a MENTOR MAP portal that could serve as a reunion and a collaboration portal.

Who will help?

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