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Since 2006 interns from various universities have worked with Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC for periods of a week to a semester.

During that time they have built their own understanding of the goals and strategies of the T/MC and have then created visualizations that reinterpret these ideas in a new, and hopefully, more interesting, way. 

During the Jan-Feb 2014 internship I asked interns to look at work done in the past and give new attention to it. The graphic shown above is from this PREZI . A second intern created this video, which profiles the same past interns, but in a different format.

During the first week of an internship new interns are asked to review work done by previous interns and to create a visual introduction of themselves.  Visit this page and read the introductions posted by past interns, then read their final messages to see how they have grown in their understanding and in new tools they have learned to use. 

In October 2011, I began posting illustrated essays on http://www.scribd.com/daniel-f-bassill-7291 which had originally been posted in the library on the Tutor/Mentor Institute site. As of December 2014, these had been viewed 84,000 times by people from around the world.

During the 2017 and future internships my goal is that students will continue to create new visualizations, and will innovate ways to increase then number of people reading them and then spending their own resources and talent to help high quality, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs thrive in more places. 

If you are a student, educator, business leader from Chicago or another city and you want to join in on this project, just register to become a member then join this group and introduce yourself. As I provide more suggestions for 2017 projects you can begin to choose which you will work on and we can discuss new ways of sharing these with more people.


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I posted a new blog article to share my vision for how interns visualize and communicate ideas.  This was inspired by viewing a TED talk by Bret Victor and viewing his bio page

I hope future candidates for the Intern role with Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC will look at this for inspiration, and that educators in schools around the world will look for ways to involved their own students in this project.

The graphic shown is from a Tutor/Mentor Connection strategy presentation built on the Debategraph.org site.  In the past couple of years I've been learning about a new mapping platform at Kumu.io.  I'd like to duplicate the information on the Debategraph into a Kumu format.  Here's onevideo that illustrates a way Kumu can be used. Here's one of  many training videos that show how to create a Kumu map. 

Students who work on this project will not only help communicate Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC strategy in a new format, but will learn a new skill that they can apply in their own future leadership efforts. 


During his 2014 internship,  Byungkwan Jang updated the  list of banks onthe asset map  section of the Interactive Map Platform of the Chicago Tutor/Mentor Program Locator.  Read an update here.

I am in the process of interviewing new interns for 2017. If you have experiences similar to Byungkwan Jang, I would like you to continue the updates he started.  Visit this page to review status of the Program Locator and some of the problems that I'm trying to fix.   During your interview, or fist week, let me know if you have the experience, and interest, to work on this.

As students are preparing 2017 and future projects, I encourage you to try using animation. This blog article provides a tutorial on a simple animation tool.


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