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Over the past siix years interns from Korea, China, and India have created a variety of new interpretatons of ideas expressed on Tutor/Mentor Connection web sites. Visit here to read about these.


We will have two new interns in May and below are a couple of different visualization tools that I encourage you all to look at when thinking of ways to communicate our ideas and increase the number who look at this.


This is how to make cartoon animations for your clients using Do-it-yourself animation sites like Xtranormal , Animasher.com , GoAnimate , and http://www.doink.com


Here is one for antiwar people

As you learn of other free applications that we might use, add them to this site.

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"On the heels of Twitter, blogs and YouTube videos, do-it-yourself animation has emerged as the latest form of self-expression online." That was a great WSJ article. I didn't realize this was such a trend right now. I'm curious to see what the interns in May can come up with.

In the Tutor/Mentor Connection library I have a section titled "cool tools" with other web sites that I've seen that could be incorporated into the strategies of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs.  I encourage people who follow discussions on this forum to add additional links to "cool tools" you have found and to apply these to how you teach youth, and how you mobilize volunteers and donors to support your efforts.  Share what you are learning the same way that Nicola Avery from the UK did in her blog.

We have two new interns starting with the Tutor/Mentor Connection today. Over the first few days of their internship they will be visiting the profiles of the other interns who have been here since 2007 and learning what type of work they did.  Then on Monday or Tuesday, they will each write their first blog post, introducing themselves, and writing a story about the type of work that has been done in the past.


If you can build your understanding of the "purpose" that would be great. What are we trying to accomplish? How are the interns helping us do that? Who do we want to look at these blog articles and visualizations? What do we want them to do? 


If you can build your understanding of this mission you can help others also understand it. That will lead more people to get involved.

One project you might work on is to try to connect with the students who were interns in the past and draw them back into active participation with the Tutor/Mentor Connection. Some of them are using Facebook and Linked in and  you also might connect with them via Korean social media that I'm not familiar with.  If you can help create a network based on past connections with T/MC  you can all help each other in jobs and careers and in solving social problems in Korea and Asia as well as the US.


As you review what past interns have done, begin to review the different web sites where we host information and where we post some of the projects interns have worked on. This page has a list of these web sites and this page shows a learning path that you and others can follow to know more about what we are doing.

This newsletter is reorganization of articles that was uploaded at Tutor/Mentor blog and Cabrini blog. There are two section in this newsletter, Cabrini and Tutor/Mentor. In Cabrini part, mostly, is about case stories or events that will be hold. In T/MC part, most of articles are about illustrations of T/MC. 




I have already worked with Carbini connection for a week.

During that time, I was completed illustrations which make people easier and more understandable.

I upload two file extensions, '.jpg' and 'ppt'.







T/MC role

This is new form of newsletter. I divide 2 section as a one complete form newsletter.

This is cabrini connection's newsletter.

This is T/MC newsletter. On this newsletter, Sam Lee, intern at T/MC, made new form of illustration for T/MC.

She made it as a animation and it explain concept of T/MC. Below is the link of her animation.


Sam and Minsub have been creating some great animations and pdfs sharing Tutor/Mentor Connection ideas in new ways.


Sam has finished a project interpreting this blog article into this video


In her next project, I'd like to challenge her to review the series of articles I wrote following the 2008 National Conference on Volunteering and see if she can summarize the key points in one new presentation.

Friday, June 13, 2008 article - Each of us has a Civic Responsibility. Marketing Solutions.


Wed, June 11, 2008 article - Expanding the volunteer workforce - capacity building


Tues, June 10, 2008 article - War on Poverty Requires Sophisticated Battle Plan

Monday, June 9, 2008 article - "Our greatest challenge is the gaps between rich and poor." Jimmy...


Saturday, June 7, 2008 article - Maximizing Value from Civic Engagement


One goal is to show people who visit the Tutor/Mentor Blog that they can look at articles written in the past and find ideas that they can apply in current times. 




Could you tell me what I have to do?

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