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What would it take to launch an interactive webinar/e-learning site for tutor/mentor program leaders?

Today I ran across an innovative new website that is designed as an interactive "virtual classroom" for entrepreneurs. Startup School allows people to create their own profiles then participate in webinars relevant to best practices in starting a successful business. Participants can request a class, join existing classes, or share their own knowledge by teaching a web-based session on a topic of their own choosing.

In many ways, this is in line with the goals of Tutor/Mentor Connection and the Tutor/Mentor Exchange--sharing best practices, collaborating, and offering resources to support everyone working in this field.

This got me to wondering...what would it take to launch a similar site for  tutor/mentor programs?
  • Design--people to design the site specifically for tutor/mentor program leaders
  • Tech skills--people who can actually implement building the site
  • Commitment--individuals who regularly contribute to the site through teaching classes
  • Participants--from both tutor/mentor programs and other sectors to build profiles and take part in the classes
  • Ongoing technical support and site maintenance
  • Other--what am I forgetting??

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One question you might add to the list, is what departments/classes at NU and other universities in Chicago, or in other cities, might adopt this project and provide manpower and support to organize and push webnars to the public, and/or what businesses might take this on as a pro-bono project?

This question is open to anyone who is part of this ning group and everyone could benefit if such a system were in place. Please add your thoughts.


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