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At 12:27pm on February 15, 2011, Daniel Bassill said…
Thank you for giving "thanks" in your new blog. I hope that we can use these to help more people connect to us, our ideas and our networks, and to the programs we support. If you search Google for "tutor mentor" and click on Images you will see many maps and graphics that I've put in my blogs in the past. You can download these to your computer and use them in your own blog if they fit your message.
At 7:52am on September 24, 2009, Daniel Bassill said…
Hi Benson Sandra Ouchi,

This site is all about "networking" and "learning" about the different ways we're all working to help kids through school and into jobs and careers. What you do in one program might be a good idea for me or others in another program if we were to learn about it. In addition, this site intends to identify common challenges to operating non profit organizations who depend on charity or government funding to provide their services. We are not equally able to find these resources and thus not all programs can provide the same level of support to their kids.

If we talk about these issues in a forum like this, maybe people can work together to solve some of these problems.
At 4:32am on September 24, 2009, Benson Sandra Oluchi said…
Hy Abdiel, pls give me detail of what this site is all about. What do u mean by telling Dan what i do and stuff. Thanks for the connection, see yea
At 5:28am on September 16, 2009, LAKOUSSAN Aurélien said…
Hello Abdiel
Coment vas-tu? et le travail? Nous avons donné deux sessions de formation sur l'approche CASE. La première au profit des techniciens des Organisations Paysannes du Bénin et la deuxième au profit des membres du comité de pilotage du projet 1000s+ au Bénin.

At 11:10am on August 28, 2009, LAKOUSSAN Aurélien said…
Bonsoir Abdiel

j'espère que tu as fait un bon voyage à KADUNA. La formation sur l'approche case à SOGAKOPE a été merveilleuse. J'espère te voir à Cotonou. Bien des chose à ta famille

At 8:08pm on August 24, 2009, John Powers said…
I'm sorry for being so slow to reply. I don't speak French.

Forgive me for going off topic. It's very odd how "Africa" is imagined in the USA. The European languages provide a way of easy communication and it's a sorry state that French and Portuguese speakers are so often ignored.

You are a bridge person Abdiel. People like you are so very important. I'm scratching my head for ideas about best ways to engage French speakers in social networks that are mostly English speaking. It's an issue not just for Ned, but more generally social media sites.

Jennifer Brea is still the Global Voices French Editor (I think). She's networked with some people at Ned and the old Onet. Anyhow Global Voices is one avenue for cross-language connection. I also think that if posts in French were posted at Ned French speakers would come out of the woodwork.

Being a slightly ridiculous person I've experimented some with using machine translators to carry on conversations with people who use another language. I'm not saying anything remarkable in reporting that results are mixed. Perhaps being one who sees the glass as half-full, I think machine translating is great. At Ned I suspect the gist of conversations would get across and fluent speakers would sometimes step in to facilitate conversations.

All that running around the topic really comes down to a hope that connections to Francophone Africa could become more common. You are right that a bridge person or more really can make or break such initiatives. Alas, I'm not the guy. Still I encourage you in your work towards a very worthwhile goal.
At 2:23pm on August 14, 2009, John Powers said…
Hi Abdiel, yes it is me at Ned--lol, and I did send you some feedback points. I like to spend the points as soon as I get them. I particularly like that you are from West Africa. There is little or no representation at Ned from Francophone countries. I'm as ignorant as most Americans, and there is a common malady among us not to recognize the greatness of the African continent and the great diversity. Africa's a country, right? By participating you help me to gain a more realistic perspective.
At 1:22pm on June 10, 2009, Daniel Bassill said…
Great pictures! Are these from your meeting last month?
At 11:32am on April 24, 2009, Abdiel Kude said…
Hi Dan,

Please note that the system did not send me any password as at your last mail.

At 3:22pm on April 23, 2009, Daniel Bassill said…
You are now listed as a "recorder" in the OHATS at http://www.vattsystems.com/ohats/Home.aspx

I'm not sure if the system sends you a password. If you don't have one, email me and I'll provide one.

Once you can log in under your username, you will be able to "create new event" which will provide a set of screens for you to document your actions. The first message you might post is that you are now a recorder. Then you would want to document actions that help you build
a) knowledge about tutor/mentor programs in Africa, or in your part of Africa, as well as about programs like T/MC in other parts of the world

b) public awareness, advertising intended to get more people looking at the information on your web site

c) facilitation and training; which are efforts on your part to help people understand the information on your site, my site, and other places where they can learn about how to support volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs

d) resources - the goal of the first three steps is to increase the flow of dollars, volunteers and technology directly to you, me and everyone else who is operating a tutor/mentor strategy. If a donor makes a major gift, then that would be good news to document

I'll look forward to reading what you post.
At 5:16pm on January 27, 2009, Daniel Bassill said…
Abdiuel, I encourage you to use the homework helps and other links sections on the T/MC site in your own computer center with your students.

The web site is interactive, meaning you can write comments about the links and rate them. I have started an activity with my own students trying to get them to do this. You can see it here.

If you can get your students looking at the sites and rating them, this might lead to a connection with our students and some more attention for both of our organizations.
At 11:24am on January 25, 2009, Daniel Bassill said…
With President Obama in office now is a good time to be trying to build a connection between youth serving organizations in Africa in on-line portals where they can help each other, and gain the attention of people who might be looking to get involved because of Obama's call to service.

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