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When I was working for my Dream Program proposal, I did some surveys for my friends who live in America and China.

I'm not surprised that not so many people still have dreams. They said the dream was a long time ago when they were

children. Maybe not all of them will agree my opinion. Dream doesn't belong to your childhood; it can be your current

and future.

But it is not key point.

One day, they stop dreaming because we start to lead lives of quiet desperation, and little by little the passion and

energy begin to disappear from our lives.

How can you figure out this life question? I remembered I published the English Finance and Economical Magazine

When I was studying my university, my parents were strongly against my childish thought. But I never gave up my

dream what our country needed a good Finance and Economical Magazine open to the world as a universal language.

It was difficult to start my dream at the beginning without good staff writer and finance support. And also my English

wasn't very good at that moment. I was looking for sponsor, at the same time; I had to finish my studying. No one can

know how difficult it was at the beginning. I found my business partner after unremitting effort. In fact, I contributed my

all time on my dream, some people thought it was just a business. I didn't argue with you that it was part of business

with your dreams.

The most powerful businesses/ideas are almost always the simple ones, which make it simple and easy that will be

going very well.

Eventually, I was failed with my first dream after publishing 10 issues. Because we needed more money to run our

dreams, unfortunately, our investors met some money problems. I still remembered we had to sell and move all the stuff

in the office. All the stuff was depressed in their faces, I was crying at the restrooms. I never regretted making the

decision then I learned from my failure. After that, I had to follow my parent's opinion and work for the company. But I

never stop my dreaming, my friends were confused my decision, 'why you quit a good career and came to America?'

I had to bring the changes into my life, I needed them change my mind and enrich my view.

Thank you for your supports. I know it is a lot of difficulties in front of me. but you never know what you can do till you


Why you living for your life?

You have to create two worlds, one is you, and another is without you.

How can you do more things when you are in the world?

You need a life mentor in your life. Finally, you have to figure out your life by yourself, you have to find the stuff what you

want to do and would like to do.

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