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What I've been Doing for T/MC and What I've Learned from T/MC



               Making an appropriate image to promote our company is my work during internship. Dan, who is my supervisor, gives this work by explaining what they are working for. In early time, I took a time to get knowledge work of our company. I looked for their history, mission and strategy. By knowing to our company, I surprise how they have been worked for helping the disadvantaged student. They are offering a tutor and mentor program to give a many opportunity for the students to improve their academic skill. By this progress, the students are learning to going out to society with their education. Likewise, firstly I study for our company, which is Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC), and then I was getting narrow a concept to reflect T/MC. At that time, Dan and me, we were talking about T/MC and exchange opinions on the blog. He comments on my blog, and I can read many helpful articles from Dan. In this case, I can confirm enormous effect of social commerce. People from other country can participate our program if they are interested in. Also, many diverse people communicate on the website in real time. As they have different backgrounds, they make a more creative idea that has never been seen. Therefore, I can enjoy my work by experiencing the broad area in the internet, and I experience how to make a work by using social commerce and how to make a final project.

              Secondly, I learn about facilitating an art work to promote T/MC. At first time, I cannot set only one way to make an image. In many possible ways, I was trying to find out the most proper way for promotion. So, I get two ways that are hand drawing and animation with color pens. As T/MC’s warm hearted image, I choose these materials. If I create the image by using only computer, it would be seem too dry and cold. For instance, fist work is a short animated film that tutors and student’s face are coming out in sequence. The second short animated film reflects that T/MC is consisted of different facets. I divided ten aspects; which parts are listed that tutor, mentor, student, knowledge, encouragement, technology, business, donation, faith and volunteers. I prepare heart-shaped paper which whole means T/MC, and then I divided the heart to ten parts which are named on upper side. These parts are moving around and becoming one. This film shows that T/MC is getting together with other efforts. I wish to deliver the precious value of helping other people by making a film. Like this case, I learn diverse way to apply my art skills to promote my company.

             During internship, I can enhance my academic horizon, and it is a most valuable chance to broaden the view of the world. I can learn how to be intimate with different people and the way of getting to understand. Additionally, I get impressed to TM/C’s continuous effort to encourage students. It makes me to convince that every student should be educated and taken care, because the education can gradually improve the students, and even the society. Hence, I learn that every people try to give a care even once to the disadvantaged students. Moreover, I have acquired the art skills to promote T/MC, and it is a great chance to develop my own skills. The most worthwhile thing is that I can be some support the disadvantaged students.

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on June 7, 2022 at 8:16am

This graphic can be seen in this video

Comment by Daniel Bassill on February 21, 2012 at 4:16pm

Thank you for this description of your work.  I was really impressed by how you photographed the elements of the heart graphic to create an outline for your animation.  I hope that high school and college teachers from many places look at the work you've done and your reflection and that they see they could engage some of their own students in this same project. This essay on Scribd.com illustrates the impact young people and adults can have on solving world problems if they apply these ideas consistently for many years.  While I've created this as a PPT, someone could convert this to a video or animation and post it to our YouTube Channelor this site. Many students could be doing this, creating much more interest and involvement and more help for youth living in high poverty areas of Chicago and other cities around the world.

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