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Hello~ I'm SongMi.

It's already been 3 weeks since I worked for T/MC. For now, I figure out what T/MC's work and what I'll do for T/MC.

T/MC helps students to engage in society and encourage them to have a job by themselves. They have a substantial research based on infrastructure in Chicago, and expanding the area by little.

Actually, my major is Fine Art in Korea, and I studied Business in IIT(Illinois Institute of Technology). Then, using both these aspects, I will work for promoting about T/MC. I'll visualize the image of T/MC, and representing the heart feeling between students and mentor is most important. I'm thinking about two ways. The first way of creating is hand drawing, then I'll scan the image into computer. The last way is making a image by computer program. I've not decided yet, but I'm narrowing my opinion.

In conjunction with making my introduction, I can aware how can I connect with my friends, family and society. I know that there is a potential enormous power in each connection, because every connection is sequential. So I ensure that if we deliver our good feeling and services to others, it will make a good community and develop a strong society.

Hence, I believe that T/MC is one of great volunteer company to improve the future for students. I'll hard work to create what is an appropriate image to relevant T/MC.

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Comment by Song Mi Lee on February 1, 2012 at 3:08pm
I'm not sure that I'll complete both of them. But I try to hard work to the best.
Comment by Daniel Bassill on January 31, 2012 at 8:54pm

The two concepts you describe both sound interesting. Can you create concepts in both styles?

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