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Hello All

In response partly to an earlier message from Dan Bassill regarding raising support on behalf of grassroots organisations in the developing world.

I am co-founder of a small trust operating in Zimbabwe. We provide drama and arts based activities with young people living on the street.
Would anybody like to consider volunteering in this country in the not too distant future?
I am currently engaged in remote fundraising support by way of project bids though in the current financial credit crunch, existing donors are becoming less. This must pave the way for changing strategies in line with the times.

Zimbabwe has for long been the subject of widespread media reporting in terms of governance and politics though if one would simply like to visit a project there, it has been a safe place to visit for me some nine times.

I would like to extend invitations for short stories around 300 words either factual or examples of creative writing by young people for the next issue of The Street Home newsletter.

The launch edition may be downloaded here as a PDF document: Under publications heading, by clicking on the last item;

"The MUSTLE Trust newsletter No 1.


Does anybody out there have any experience of volunteering by way of working remotely, perhaps like editing a newsletter, drafting proposals etc etc?
Has it been mutually beneficial?

Have a great day!

James Robinson.
Liverpool, United Kingdom.

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Comment by ProjectEDUCATE on July 25, 2009 at 9:59am
Hi James,

Please excuse the delayed response. You will need to do some screening but try http://www.onlinevolunteering.org/en/org/login.html?logout=1 You can also try linking to a local university I find both options to be quite helpful.
Good luck.
Comment by Daniel Bassill on April 2, 2009 at 10:13am
Hi James,

Thanks for posting. I've found success recruiting volunteers from remote locations to work with me and feel that this can grow if we can expand the reach of our messages and draw people to web hubs where they can shop for where and how they get involved. Let us know what success you have.

I'd also encourage you to visit http://www.socialege.net and look at their "help and offers" section. You might expand your reach by introducing yourself there. They have a much more global focus than I do.

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